Urban Legends About Hello Kitty (=’ ‘=)


Is hello Kitty really the homage of the devil?
Or is Hello Kitty just a world wide selling cat with an absent mouth?

Have you heard the  real stories about the pretty little cat with an absent mouth? Let me tell you some ignorant urban legends that have scared many fans away. Many people believe the whole stories and now gossip about Hello Kitty being the work of the devil.

Many say that Hello Kitty means Hello Devil in Japanese but really devil is pronounced Akuma which has nothing related or even sounds close to kitty. For those of you who haven’t heard the stories here is one of them;

Hello Kitty was created when a mother of a dying child made a pact with the devil. If he helped her she would in return start a toy company that would pay homage to him. Hello kitty was designed with no mouth since her daughter had mouth cancer.

Another one is a depressing urban legend that says Hello Kitty was first drawn by a child of an abusive parent. According to this legend she drew the cat without a mouth because she wanted a character who wouldn’t say her secret.

Interested? Do you believe any of the stories? Really I don’t believe either of them. I am a huge fan of Hello kitty so why would I stop liking it when there are many stories behind it. They might be real but then again they could have just been made up. So what’s there to believe when there isn’t anything to prove any of the urban legends told.

Many people have told me not to purchase any Hello Kitty product because it represents a satanic relation. I do not understand why people consider Hello Kitty satanic. I believe that those stories are not true. I need actual proof in order to believe that this is true.

I am a big buyer and fan of Hello Kitty and I will continue to like her until some one can prove to me that the whole story is actually true. Other than that, Hello Kitty for me is just a cute little cat with a big red bow, dressed in overalls, that has an absent mouth. Cute right?

Info: http://anitasnotebook.com/2011/02/the-real-story-behind-hello-kitty.html

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