Stressing it!

Okay, so my brilliant teacher, Mr.Dean, decides to give us, his AP English language class, a art project that is due this Friday, which is insane. I really hate the fact that it was given to us in such a short-notice so I have been really stressing out about it. Not to mention, What if we have problems that prevent us from doing this project?

There are many programs & activities I am involved with so it makes it very hard, such as my journalism class, Escalera, TELACU Test Prep, AP testing, homework, and not to mention that I have to be studying in order teach The Vietnam War to my U.S History Class, etc. It seems I don’t even have a social life. :/

At first I didn’t really know what my dream was until I started thinking back at the things I liked and enjoy doing. One of my personal reasons is that my grandma died of cancer when I was about 10 years old, so I decided I wanted to help in curing people who don’t have the money to pay for the expensive treatments, or medicines. After reflecting, it was then that I knew what my dream was.

The art project is suppose to be about “My dream is___” and it has to be a realistic dream

My Dream is...

that can be achieve. We are allowed to use spray cans, stencils, clay, etc,. The whole point of this is to portray it out in our community to grasp people’s attention and see what happens with our form of art. I really like the idea but its the time that is killing me.

I’m pretty sure that some may have teachers, bosses, etc that are the same way and I understand things need to get done because its not going to be like that in the “real world”, but we also need a break once in a while.

My dream is to act unselfishly in benefit of others, marking a difference in a someones’ life. My art piece will be divided in 2. The left side will contain the African continent and me making a difference by helping heal sick, poor kids who can not afford medical expenses, and the right side will have the impact or outcome of my hard work that I have dedicated my time to.

I still don’t know where to post it my art work, but I wan’t people out there to see that those low-income students that they percieve as troublemakers, dangerous, etc. also haves dreams, which can be achieved by anyone because anything is possible.

My Dream being displayed as a positive message.

After all, My Dream was posted up on a newspaper stand by 4th St. and Soto St., where many people in the community can see it while they are walking by. I chose that particular site because I felt it was near school, where all students can also view it and see that they, themselves can also have a dream.

I felt happy right away when I posted it because many people approach to see it and started talking about it and what it was. (Hopefully they were positive things!)

This project has helped me in the sense that I know what I want to be doing in my future.

Now I just have to wait and see the results of this project. So after 72 hours of having it displayed, I’m glad it is still there making an impact in people’s life.

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