The Outsiders Book Review

I recommend you read The Outsiders. It is a great book.
I recommend you read The Outsiders. It is a great book.

In this blog I’m going to be writing about a book I have read plenty of times and i still find it a great read. The book I’m taking about is The Outisiders by S.E. Hinton.

In my opinion this book can be read whenever and as many times because this book is interesting, from the plot to the descriptions the author uses very descriptive language which actions how the characters develop and it also has many . The main character of the book is a teenage boy named Ponyboy and the book is about two social groups one is the greasers and the other group is the socs short for socials.

They are in dispute because of the social setting they are in and the differences they have.  I would recommend everyone to read this book because not only is it a very well known book by many students but it has many themes that lead the book on and can maybe teach you something too. One of the many themes is loyalty.

Loyalty is shown throughout the book since there are groups involved which are the greasers and socs and they have to stay loyal to each other in certain situations that requires friends to stick together since they are a group of friends. Trust and loyalty are always important in friendships.  This book also includes the themes of pride and honor since they have to stand up for what they believe in.

I hope you read The Outsiders because it is a very interesting read.

My new obsession (Bates Motel)

My wallpaper because why not?!
My wallpaper because why not?!

I am really starting to dig the show “Bates Motel”. It has currently started it’s third season. It airs on a&e on Mondays at 8:00.

Bates Motel is a drama thriller based off of the movie “Psycho” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is basically based off of the main character in Psycho, Norman Bates’s adolescence and how he grew up to become a serial killer. You also get an insight into his odd relationship with his mother. It is very interesting to watch.

I not only like how each episode is filled with suspense, but it also keeps me wanting more. A lot of shows drag on and get boring after the first two couple of seasons, but not this show. I enjoy the plots and the characters in Bates motel. If you watch just one commercial, you might just be really hooked on it like I currently am. I am convinced that I will not be getting over this show anytime soon.

The main character, Norman Bates is protrayed by Freddie Highmore. You might recognize him from the movie “Charlie In The Chocolate Factory” or maybe you have seen him in “August Rush”. Either way, he might come across to you as looking familar.

And he does a very superb job at playing a young serial killer in the making. Besides the interesting plot, he is the reason why I watch the show because of his amazing, convincing acting.

I strongly suggest this show to people who love thrillers and suspense. You will not be disappointed!

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

The second book of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate has frustrated me since the first pages I read to the last pages. Lucinda’s love for Daniel has been tested once again; however, it seems like it has been tested about 10 times throughout the novel.

The book starts off with Lucinda meeting Francesca, one of Shorelines Nephilim instructors on campus. Nephilim are children who have angel and/or demon blood inside of them. Either if it has been passed down generation to generation, or if they were given powers at birth. This makes Lucinda feel uneasy considering she clearly does not fit in with the Nephilim kids, but she also does not fit in with the Non-Nephilim kids (in Harry Potter terms they are called muggles, but in the “real” world they are called humans.) Lucinda befriends Francesca, who is an angel friend of Daniel’s. Francesca shows Lucinda where she will be staying, and that is where she meets Shelby.

Shelby dislikes Lucinda at first, considering that all the angels, demons and Nephilim’s all know who Lucinda Price is, and how she is Daniel Grigori, a fallen angels true love. However, she warms up to her when she realizes how Lucinda is not like her past lives, and how she is more curious about why she has to love Daniel, and why it is so dangerous. Lucinda questions her love towards Daniel, and this is where she meets Miles. Miles, comes from a far generation of Angel’s, which mean he really doesn’t have powers. However, Miles can use the Announcers as portals, to go from one place to another. Traveling through announcers is quite dangerous, and if you pick the wrong one, you can probably die. In some announcers their are creatures, or demons waiting for someone to pass, just so they can grab the person and kill them, or eat them.


Is Internet Really Slow?

Slow internet kills me! I rage when it is slow.
Slow internet kills me! I rage when it is slow.

Have you ever wondered if the internet is slowing down or if we are just getting use to high speed internet? I believe the internet speed is still the same from a couple months ago. New internet speed are coming out like hot cakes out of the oven. They keep discovering new speeds, before today the speed we were using was megabytes, now we are using gigabytes. The internet is faster, many people don’t still have access to gigabytes but when they do they will think megabytes is slower.

The internet does not slow down at all unless of course the service wants to limit you on your usage.  But so far we are just adapting to the new speeds. Let me put it this way, if you have a phone from two years ago you start to feel like it is slow because the new phones are fast truth is the new phones are faster because it is new and has either more ram on the phone that makes the phone smooth or the software is just smooth. After seeing that you want a new phone because it is faster than your old phone but when you got your two year old phone for the first time it was pretty fast to you.

Next time you complain about the internet being slow remember it is not slow it is just because you are adapting to the new speeds. We are not to far from terabytes. Terabytes is more faster than gigabytes. The world develops in a blink of an eye.

Hot weather

I honestly completely hate this weather when it’s so hot. It gets me so moody and like gives me really bad headaches. Like migraines and I have to be alone that’s why I prefer the cold weather. A lot of people though prefer the hot weather because they say you can go out and do more fun things. In a way it is true because you can go to the beach or just take random walks.

Look at the sun blazing back at you. Don’t you just hate this awful heat.

I guess I just have bad luck because I wish I enjoyed the hot weather

but obviously I don’t. I just want be alone in my own world well sometimes I suck it up and go out with friends because I want to have fun. Like come on who doesn’t want to have fun. Pills sometimes do the job and I’ll enjoy the time I’m having.

I prefer the cold weather because like who doesn’t like to enjoy just staying home watching movies all day with some hot chocolate. I love spending all day in my bed its just so relaxing like woah I could do that everyday all day, unfortunately I have responsibilities to deal with that I can’t. My mom always pushes me to go out. I do go out but I am just a lazy person that doesn’t like to do anything at all.

Well back to the hot weather this weather just is horrible nobody likes to be all hot and sweaty come on. I feel like I have to shower every 5 min haha but it’s true. I HATE IT!

Spring Break

I am looking forward for spring break because school is too Snapchat-20140801011835overwhelming and I feel like I need a break. I am planning to go hiking, swimming, and exploring nature with my friends or family. I am looking forward to have a week away from school and the homework that makes me tear off my hair. I take spring break really into consideration because I think it will be a great week to celebrate Easter and have family quality time. In addition, to my plans of discovering nature, I want to go out and try new food places that I haven’t discovered before. For example, Al’ and Beas is a Mexican food place that I have tried only once, but I am willing to go there and enjoy more of their menu.

I know spring break will my time to relax, but I am also looking forward in reading more books and increasing my amount of AR points. I am currently reading 50 Shades of Grey and my goal is to read the rest of the series for spring break. I hope to read more than 3 books during spring break because reading is a hobby that I enjoy.

I would also like to go to museums with my family or friends and have a good time with them and just having a good time. I want to go to the Observatory to see the view and to go hiking as well. I can’t wait for spring break


My family is composed of five people. In about a month or so, it’ll be a family of six. Yay! How exciting! We finally found out the sex of the baby and guess what? It is going to be a boy. Even more exciting!  Now, our family will be equal. It’ll consist of three boys and three girls ( my mom, my sister, and I are the three girls and my dad, my brother, and the soon-to-be born baby boy are the three boys).

Expect the unexpected and be ready, just like us! :D
Expect the unexpected and be ready.  (Just like us!) :D

We have started buying clothes (super cute by the way!) and all the other baby stuff necessary to bring him out of the hospital and finally have him home by our side- bibs, pacifiers, and baby bottles. We  bought him like two or three jumpsuits, since it’s going to be warm in April, and a pair of knitted shoes. We have also  added blankets, both warm ones and those used to shower him with. The baby is not even born and he already has his own little set piece in the closet! But I’m pretty sure my parents, or any parents for that matter, do this and many more things when they are expecting a baby boy or girl.

I can’t wait to have the little fellow by my side to take care of him but I only want to spend the happy times with him. I don’t want to have to deal with the endless nights, those when he wakes up and cries for a warm bottle and then two hours later wakes up to have his diaper changed. Just kidding! But  I mean who does like those type of nights? Am I right?

“A baby is a blessing, a gift from heaven above, a precious little angel, to cherish and to love.”


Can Anything Be Art?

Did the the green mister eat half of his face. What do you consider art?
Did the the green mister eat half of his face. May-be his face was made into something else.

Do you think anything can be art?

If you walk in to a museum, and take a look at all the art pieces . Sometimes you feel that you can do better than the artist; however, you also need to take in consideration the time period it took to create. Over time individuals study the elements of the artist. Then these elements are used more and more, that could develop a variety of other elements.

When I first was asked this question, my first reaction was if an artist can be a famous person with the stupidity they say in their lyrics then anyone can master to be an artist.

Never have I been to the LACMA Museum until our English class took us to take a look at art pieces which we analyzed for a school project. Never have I seen the Urban lights and I honestly thought I was in Paris. Sounds silly but it’s true.

Next time you enter a museum of art, if the art piece could make you feel a certain way, or tell a story with out you knowing what the art piece is about, then that is  art. May-be you should head to the LACMA museum and check out the pieces of art with friends. Have a little friends date and eat a couple of sandwiches.

Art is what ever you make it. Try making


It’s Mine to Talk About


"Yes, this is what a pad looks like."
Yes, this is what a pad looks like, in case you have never seen one, but it’s okay, stop starting at it like it’s a weapon!

We live in a society where it is not acceptable to talk about sexual activity, sexual protection, or periods and cramps.  Today’s topic is Periods. And why society degrades women for having them.

Periods, not the ones that are at the end of a sentence but the type that girls get every month.  Guys usually have the biggest opinion about what occurs in a women’s body.  “Stop complaining about that,” or “Get over it,” “It’s not that bad, deal with it.” Men have no right to state their opinion when they have no idea what it feels like to be engrossed with blood for a week.

“We talk about Periods because it ours to talk about!”

I do not feel as if women owe an apology to anyone who gets offended. Periods are natural, just like love.  But I will apologize for your ignorance of not being taught to be selfless.

It is not fair for women to have to whisper “Hey do you a pad or tampon?”  Without feeling humiliated for asking for it. We definitely have a right to tell our friends about the cravings, cramps, and the trauma a women experiences; for instance, the question “Hey can you check if I’m stained?”

WE WOMEN live with periods for at least fifty years or fifty five years. A week from every month is taken away from us.  WE can joke about it, talk about, post about it, draw about it, because it ours to talk about.

“Gradually my whole concept of time changed until I thought of a month as having twenty-five days of humanness and five others when I might just as well have been an animal in a steel trap.” – Florence King

The Kite Runner

I have just finished reading The Kite Runner. I found it to be a really great read. I don’t know wether it was fiction or based on real events but I still think it is good regardless. It was well written and very engaging. I would definitely recommend the book. I actually have and that person did like it as well.

The Kite Runner is the story of two boys growing up in the 1970s Afghanistan.

Amir is the young son of an admired and wealthy Kabul businessman. Hassan is the son of their poor servant Ali, is his constant companion.

The two boys are inseparable, playing together and working as a team, most notably in the annual kite-fighting competition in Kabul.   Yet in an Afghanistan divided by ethnicity, the Hazara are the lesser ones to which Hassan belongs, does not attend school or learn to read. Hassan lives in the mud hut at the bottom of Amir’s garden.


Amir’s failure to protect his friend from a vicious attack by three local boys leads to an unspeakable tragedy. Driven by guilt, he commits an act of terrible betrayal, accusing Hassan of a fabricated crime and so forcing Ali and Hassan to leave Kabul.

Amir carries his guilt with him to America, where he and his father take refuge when the Russians invade Afghanistan. Amir successfully pursues his dream of being a writer, and marries an Afghan girl he meets at the market.

It is the need for redemption that finally draws him back to Taliban-governed Afghanistan, after many years of safe life in California, in a final, hair-raising act of unqualified bravery and altruism.


The staff blog for the Roosevelt High School newspaper in Los Angeles.