My favorite nephew, Kevin Jacob Alfaro <3

My older sister Tania, 8 months preggo.

As soon as I had found out my sister was pregnant, I was excited in becoming an aunt and adding a new edition to our big family. My sister and I were anxious of knowing the sex of the baby because she had always been wanting a baby boy, and that is what she got.

My nephew Kevin Jacob Alfaro was born on August 12, 2010 at 3:20 a.m in Glendale Adventist Hospital. At first I had recieved a text from my mom saying that it was a beautiful healthy boy, but I missed it because I was dead asleep. After, my mom called me around 7 a.m to tell me the great news and I was sad because I was in UCLA’s Hispanic Youth Symposium, far away from my sister. I was happy/ sad because my sister and nephew were doing good, and sad because I wasn’t there with them.

As soon as I came back from my trip I was very excited in meeting him. As a baby Kevin

My beautiful fatty!

was big, fat, and pinkish. (Wait I forgot to say he was super cute!) I have always been astonished in how babies formation happen all by itself. As time went on I grew closer to him, up to the point where sometimes he cries just for me to carry him or be with him.

Kevin is now 9 months and is a pretty energetic baby. He is always awake every morning around 6 a.m either because he is hungry or because he wants to bugg. Recently, he grew his lower teeth, which is so adorable and started crawling. I even taught him how to say “ma-ma”, so he calls me ma-ma instead of saying it to his mom. I really love his smile because he has really cute dimples to go with it.

Hes a little dodger fan!

Seeing my sister  struggling with him makes me realize that one shouldn’t have a baby when they are young and should wait until they are fully prepared to take such a huge responsability.

Right now, I’m trying to finish this blog and he is here with me trying to type away.

Me and my nephew spending time together.


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