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Catalina Island

cimg9943okay so just this weekend i went to Catalina Island for the first time.. 

I had a blast. it was definitely something to remember for the rest of my life. The first thing i noticed was the clear water. The vibe was also so different; it was peaceful.  We went rock climbing, snorkeling in the day and night, we had a campfire, and we went on a night hike. My personal fave. was the night hike. It was kinda scary getting up the mountain while it was so dark out but, we managed when we got up there, it was like the most perfect scene; the thousands of bright stars gleaming above me, and the sound of the ocean. So relaxing. That there was what made the whole trip worth while.

Catalina Island Marine Institute(CIMI)

The Catalina Trip (CIMI) that happened last week was really great! Not only do you have fun, but you also learned a lot! It’s funny because we learn more there than we did in school.

The first day we got there, we met some of the greatest counselors ever! They are really great and nice! We went rock climbing and heard a story about the stars.

On Saturday, we went snorkeling. I was so scared! I am terrified of open water, but I still did it! We had shark labs and played jeopardy.  Oh yeah “Itty Bittys in you face!!” LOL. To bad for “your name”. After that we did a night snorkel! Pretty cool. We were that 1% of people that swim in the ocean at night. We got to see bioilluminescence.

On Sunday, we had one last snorkel before we left and it was really great! I recommend this trip to all those people in MESH. It is real great, we know for a fact that all those people that went to the last one are going again in March.

Trip to France and Spain!

Hilda Cervantes, Spanish Teacher and Juan Gomez, French Teacher will be taking their level III and upper classes to an exciting trip coming up during C-Track’s spring vacation from May 11-May 21 of 2009 to explore Spain and France on an EF educational Tour. 

The EF Tours are an accredited, all-inclusive tour company that shows students the world. EF Tours provide a knowledgeable, experienced tour director and bring lessons to life by exploring the greatest destinations and experiencing other cultures firsthand. Local expert guides in every major city provide even more insight. All flights, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations are included in the package. EF Tour have been in business for over 40 years, having offices around the world, and guarantees the lowest prices for the highest quality.

There will be a Parent Meeting on Thursday August 28, 2008 at 5PM in room R107. So if anyone who is taking Spanish or French is welcome to come and see what we will be fundraising, how much the trip will cost in total and all that good stuff. Space is limited on the trip! You may also visit to get more information.



Bicycle thought

I’ve had little time to go out lately. The last time i went out i went to a friend’s house, but i want to do more than that. i want to go somewhere far, like another state or something.

i think it would be cool to go all the way to mexico and travel all down south to the border. The south of Mexico that is, and i would like to visit detroit and go underground and blow something up like in the batman movies.

last saturday i gave my bike a tune up, tightened all the ears greased the bearings (i don’t know how to spell that). Now my bike doesn’t make any weird stupid out of this world sounds and it’s cool because i can sneak up to someone with the bike. I really love riding my bike although maintaining the bike in good condition takes a lot of work. I’ve also been lookin for a job so that i can get the parts i need to upgrade the gears and make it more stable, so hopefully i’ll find job soon.


Yay! Im going to camp tommorrow! I am so excited. I’m packing all my clothes and a lot of bug spray. This is like the only time of the year when I can actually go out and see what real nature looks like and smell the fresh air. I go camping every year with my church. It’s actually really fun. We get time away from the world, problems and all of the pollution of course. It’s a really good way to bond with everyone. We sleep in tents and at night we tell stories and perform plays. This year we’re going to Lake Perris. I’m so exicted that I can’t even sleep, I’m counting the hours. Just 9 more hours to go!  

“Lots of Laughs at Clear Creek”

Clear Creek was pretty cool. Most people that went said it wasn’t all that. I thought it was a another great memory.

I met new people and learned new facts about  wildlife.

We arrived there on Friday 28. We hiked to the camp site where we were going to stay and settled in. Throughout the whole weekend, we did different activities.

The best time I had was during the night hike. I couldn’t even see that clearly. I nearly fell because my glasses were to foggy. Though I had a cool friend that was watching over me. It was a pretty cold night as well.

 I though we were going to die because the clouds were pretty low and close to us. Everybody was telling me the same thing from the movie “Mist” was going to happen. I honestly don’t like that movie.

About 40 students went and 4 teachers.

I’m looking forward to going again in August. I would recommmend it to others, only if thy’re willing to make fun and not be boring people. Hopefully my close friends Monica and Griselda join us in August.

Big Bear

This past April 28th. The Magnet Senior class took a trip to Big Bear. My friends and I had been anticipating this trip for so long and we were really excited when the date finally came around. We left early in the morning on that Friday. It was 6:00 am!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how I woke up so early. I left my house at 5:00 am. to catch the bus to school and I almost didn’ tmake it because the stupid Rapid didn’t get to the stop until 5:45 am. But luckily I made it just in time!

Right after we got settled into our cabins (by the way I was mad because all of my close friends were put into one cabin and I was put in a different one, if it wasn’t for Vicky I would have thrown a fit!), we went skiing. At first I was really excited, but then we tried on the boots and I realized I couldn’t really walk and they hurt my feet. This made me a little pesimistic and I wasn’t sure that skiing was such a good idea after all. After the skii lesson I got the hang of it and I began to have fun.

This may sound stupid but I almost had a near death experience. The second time I took the cart that takes you up the slopes, I forgot to pull the bar that keeps you from falling over, and about halfway through, it suddenly stopped and I moved forward! I realized there was no bar and I quickly reached back for it. I have to admit I got scared. As I did that I dropped one of my sticks and a very nice lady took it up the slope for me.

We also went bowling and I beat my team! That was a fun night, the guys worked on the grill and we watched Superbad.

But not everything was so fun. On the second day we went on a scavenger hunt so we hiked and hiked. That wasn’t so much fun. The fun part was winning the scavenger hunt and not having to make breakfast sunday morning.

I can’t wait to go back one of these days and take my family.

My weird Sunday!!!!

Sunday March 2nd was kind of a weird but fun day for me. To start off i had to meet with the journalism class at McDonalds on 8th and Soto at 10:30 am to do our video project. The subject of our project its the Wyvernwood projects also known as the 8th street projects.wy.bmpWell I got up to get ready to go to meet up with my class but I was feeling lazy so i was still debating if i should go or not. I finally decided to get ready and go because i mean anything is better than being home and if i didn’t go my mom was going to make me go to church and obviously i wasn’t going to church :smile:

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Half Man Half Tree


A few weeks ago i was flipping channels, and for a while found nothing but over rated reality shows, and today’s cartoons that have never really caught my interest. (ok a couple have but whatever) But finally, as always, the Discovery channel delivered and did not disappoint.

Half Man, Half Tree. Yes, Half Man Half Tree. A 32 year old man named Dede that lives in Indonesia has been sprouting root-like structures out of body for about 20 years and his condition keeps getting worse. Everything started after cutting his knee as a teenager.

In his village he is known as the “Tree Man“. He has had to stop working and his wife left him because of his condition. He was really depressed for a long period of time.

Dr. Anthony Gaspari, chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, concluded that his condition is caused by Human Papilloma Virus and helps Dede by performing a life changing procedure. And for the first time in years Dede was able to write his name :!: 





It is 41 degrees and I am freezing! I love cold weather but for some reason I am not digging it tonight. I should be used to it since I wait for the schoolbus at 6:30 every morning and it is pretty much the coldest time of the day. According to the weather forecast, it will be sunny tommorow with temperatures reaching a high of 64 degrees.




Although I love cold weather, I have never been to the snow! Why? I really don’t know why but I can’t wait for that day to come. Actually the Magnet Big Bear trip is on March and I am really excited to play in the snow and meaybe even build a snowman. But what I am truly excited for is skiing and snowboarding! I am kind of scared but I know that it will be so much fun, especially because my closest friends will be there and the time we spend together will be priceless.