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Bullying Is A CRIME!

Ever wondered why people bully or have ever been bullied themselves. Well bullying is a common experience for many children and adolescents. Surveys indicate that as many as half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years, and at least 10% are bullied on a regular basis. Boys tend to use physical intimidate or threats, regardless of the gender of their victims. Bullying by girls is more often verbal, usually with another girl as the target. Bullying has even been reported in online chat rooms, through e-mail and on social networking sites.

"It's Never the Answer"

What is a bully?                                                                                                                        
Bullying is when someone has power over another person by either doing or saying things verbally, emotionally and even physically.
For example calling names, threatening, hitting/socking them, basically making the other person fear you.

How can a bully look like?                                                                                                        A bully can look like anyone.

Why do some people bully?
Some of the reasons people bully are because they either crave attention, to make them look tougher, jealousy, or because they themselves are or were once bullied.

Why are people bullied?
Young people are particular being bullied but sometimes its because they are different such as: the color of their skin, the way they talk, their size and maybe even their name.

Why is bullying harmful?
Bullying makes a person feel lonely, unhappy and frighten. It makes people feel unsafe and makes them think that there is something wrong with them. They lose self-confidence and possibly make them sick.

What can you do if you are being bullied?
Well just remember that you are not the problem you might be different, embrace it! Stay in a group of close friends, tell the bully to stop bugging you and walk away, tell an adult about the situation.

What can you do if you see someone else being bullied?
If someone else is being bullied you should try and stop it. Tell an adult. Just remember treat others the way you want to be treated. Tell the other person to tell an adult.

Police Brutality & Abuse should be STOPPED!

New Years Eve is a day that is suppose to be a day full of happiness  where people not only make new resolutions, but look forward into a new year hoping it to be better than the last. Unfortunately, there are some things that don’t necessarily go as planned, but ended a life of an innocent.

Many of you guys may or not remember January 1, 2009 (New Years Eve) as the fatal shooting of a Oakland BART officer toward African American, Oscar Grant. Many that witness this humiliating and discriminating act have provided their own versions of how things happened on that 2 a.m morning, and it is one of the most tragic things I ever heard about. It is said that the police was called in for a fight that was occurring at the Bay Area Transit Train Station, where Grant and some of his friends were detained.

Technology has been advancing, which really helped in showing everyone what had really occurred that night, with no doubt. The videos are now available in YouTube or other websites, which portray these vicious acts.

This is the scene where Grant is defensively on the floor, tackled by officers and not showing signs of resistance.

As I was watching one of the Youtube video, who was actually being taped by one of the train passengers, you can hear many other passengers shouting against the brutality that they were witnessing and who were only standing a few feet away. When looking at the video, it is evident that Grant was just a defenseless African-American and clearly was NOT resisting against any of the officers, being handcuffed and face-down. The ironic part of the story is that Johannes Sebastian Mehserle , the officer responsible for this death, had claimed to have mistaken his .40 caliber gun for his taser! How is that even possible. This is just some lame excuse he is trying to make up in order to cover the power that police often abuse.

An image after having shot, Oscar Grant.

What angers me the most is that he was let out after only doing 11-months in prison being released this past Monday, but wasn’t Grant’s life worth more than that? Not only that, but being convicted as involuntary manslaughter, where many videos and witnesses can contradict this stupid idea clearly made by a stupid judge! >:/

While reading some articles about the support that many gave on November 5,   2010,which was the conviction and hearing, there was a specific image that really caught my attention. It was an image of the Black Riders Liberation Party group, where you see African-American males raising their right arm in a fist form wearing a black glove. This is what I’ve been recently studying in my U.S History class, learning about the Civil

The Black Riders Liberation Party, uniting with others to show unity.

Rights Movement, and how it all connects to what I been talking about. It somehow symbolizes that they are in unity, ready to fight back. For me personally, its inspiring to know that organizations like this still going on, not only fighting against the oppression but discrimination and racism.

I bet if it would have been a white male killed by an African-American officer it would have created a more controversial reaction, and the officer would still be standing in a prison cell. Why is Mehserle walking free like if he didn’t commit a crime that should really be labeled as “MURDER!” He is a murderer, that should be locked in prison until his last breathe.

Why is it that when people are drug dealing or committing a felony not even half of what Mehserle did, they get to serve more time behind bars? This is very wrong in the sense that he is not being tried fairly, and that Grant’s case was an injustice. Or is it that just because he was a police officer and was “serving” his community, he gets the right to do less time because of his good behavior. This doesn’t just add up to me, and I do wish something gets done and for him to be convicted for his actions.

Many protesters wanting Justice.

The love toward Grant’s family and him were shown after many protestants showed appreciation, and the desire to end these racist crimes.

Not only has this happened once, but several times and one should start taking action because its unfair to take someones life. Seeing injustice acts committed scare certain people because the police is “suppose” to be the one to protect and enforce the law, but SOME are destroying and breaking it. I really encourage anyone who has been a victim of such cruel acts, and not to stay quiet being oppress by this force, but your voice will make a difference, not only for yourself but for others who can become endangered by it. I am not advocating for violence or anything related to that. (I wanted to make that clear!)

It is our right to fight against cruelty.

I can’t stress enough that justice has to be made, because its not fair for Grant family who has to see their loved one’s murder walking freely like if anything never happened.

If I have seem to have offended anyone, I’m not sorry because it ain’t nothing but the truth!

Violence Being Displayed like a Video Game

Drug Cartels are Violence!

The other day I was in one of my classes and overheard students discussing about violent videos that other teens have been seeing on the internet, and right away it caught my attention. It has been clearly seen that the violence and corruption in Mexico has been rising between many drug cartels. The main cause of all this violence is that the only thing they consider to be important to them would be money. All of these criminals involved in this type of criminal activity are known to kidnap, execute, decapitate, torture, and more.

These criminals are selfish, corrupt, immoral people that don’t have pity in doing what they do, but act in order to benefit themselves, using negative methods.

This would be a major issue that is occurring, but the conflict right now is that there are videos in websites, like YOUTUBE, that are showing these horrifying images which seem to entertain many teenagers nowadays. It seems to them as if it were some kind of joke, who laugh at it and are seeing it as an ordinary thing. Something like that shouldn’t be portrayed on the Internet because its affecting teens’ minds, but they are only seeing it as entertainment.

In an anonymous place, it was known for a group of young teens to be watching these videos, while on school grounds, which is something that shouldn’t be happening. Why are these kids perceiving this as something funny, when it is a completely evil I this violence that these websites that portray violence should be totally banned, because its showing bad deeds. Some of you may say that its reality but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these types of things should be shown, especially that underage kids are being exposed to all this inappropriate violence.

Its not only the videos that are harmful, but also all the bloody photos that should be

banned, because they are some one’s family, that shouldn’t be remembered in that form. The real questions are, why are these videos or pictures being permitted to be out in public places like the Internet? Why have they not yet been banned? Why is this violence occurring and is not being stopped?

I wrote this blog due to the message that is sending to our generation, and its not pretty. It’s an important topic that should be addressed, if not then it will greatly expand, promoting violence, leading our young ones to act in an destructive manner.

New Directive on Municipal Code 45.04

Gustavo Fernandez from Los Angeles High School received 5 tickets during his last year of school which amounted to $2,000 in total

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) wrote a new directive on the municipal code 45.04 where police officers would ticket students for not being in school during school hours. Students were fined with a $250 ticket and had to show up to mandatory court cases.

The reason LAPD wrote a new directive is because organizations like the Community Right Campaign and other organizations showed people that these tickets criminalized Black and Latino students. From 2005 to 2009 88% of tickets were given to Black and Latino students whereas white students received 7%. Data liked this were collected and it shows how truancy tickets criminialized mostly Latino and Black communities.

Some of the schools that were mostly targeted were Roosevelt High School, Fremont High School, Los Angeles High, Manual Arts and Locke High. These schools were targeted from 2004-2009  and had the highest density of tickets given out by the police. The communities started to see a pattern of ticketing in their school and connected it to the pre-prisoning of Black and Latino students.

Community Rights Campaign also saw that pattern of the criminilazation of Black and Latino students. Therefore they took action in many high schools like Cleveland High, Locke High, Manual Arts, Roosevelt, amongst other high schools in California. They started to educate students of the importance to know your hisory, know your school and know the conditions your living upon. Also how to take action and organize your community to end racist codes like 45.04.

The new directive states that students will not be tickted during the first hour of classes, curfew sweeps cannot be conducted except in response to suspected criminal activity by youth in the sweep area, including the fact that they will not ticket students around a 3 mile radius of their school. This new directive is not exaclty what Community Rights planned for but its a new step towards getting rid off the code.

This new directive will be implimented by LAPD not LASPD. A new directive will be negotiated with organizations in order for LASPD officers to not ticket students in school. Many organizations want resources to be available for students in order to get to school earlier. Therefore they are working hard with the community to take action and pressure school administrators, councilmembers, school district boardmembers, mayors, officers, and including the president. The future is relying on the action we take now.

Relieving anger towards others

Stop the harassment!

Bullying is a form of abuse which consist of three types: physical, mental, and emotional. The definition of bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally.

They use this from of abuse in order to gain control or power over someone else. The method that is commonly used would be intimidation because it shows weakness in their targets. Bullies may behave this way to be perceived as popular, tough or to get attention. They may bully others out of jealousy or be acting out because they themselves are bullied.

Bullies often see their victims as targets. They tend to bully defenseless people who are smaller in size and people that aren’t going to put up a fight. Bullies either often work by themselves, or even get other accomplices to help them. There are many forms of aggression that are used against their targets such as shoving and poking, throwing things, slapping, choking, punching and kicking, beating, stabbing, pulling hair, scratching, biting, scraping and pinching.

Bullying is one of the most greatest conflicts that occur in all areas inside of school. It can occur in nearly any part in the school building, PE, nutrition, hallways, bathrooms, on school buses and waiting for the bus. Bullying in school sometimes consists of a group of students taking advantage of one student in particular which may have a negative outcome for the target. These bullies first tease their target before physically hurting the target. Targets of bullying in school are often students who are considered weird or different.

One time in school I seen a tall, broad kid picking on this little kid asking him for his food during lunch. The bully was lazy of going to go get his own food so he was shoving the young, small kid around. It was kind of sad to see that so i decided to make a stop to it. I confronted the bully and I became the target’s protection.

Targets are an important group of people who should be helped from others that hurt them. Sometimes these acts of violence may lead to a cruel decision in which no one should have to endure. The effects of bullying for these targets are very serious and can even be fatal.

Eric Mohat is an example of how bullying can lead abused people to commit suicide. He committed suicide after going through a long period of name calling, teasing, constant pushing and shoving. One day he was verbally abused when another student stated, “Why don’t you go home and shoot yourself, no one will miss you.”

After being tormented for so long in school with no one to help, he ended up ending his life.

Personally for me I think that bullies should be given more severe punishments because they are the reason why many of these people kill themselves,which is a very sad thing.

Bullying Kills!

Anyone who is being bullied should speak up and not be afraid. There will always be someone to help you and protect you.

Blunt Words

On February 26, 2011, I will be up on an open mic spitting out verses that I hope tend to be like none other… so here it is.

My words are my bullet shells

Tell me, can you hear Hell’s Bells

Lock me up and tear me down

Cause of you our smiles turn into a frown

Heck it don’t matter there’s plenty of us around

Sooner or later you’ll be the ones in the ground

You make this wall to keep us away

Heck that things gonna be the catalyst to Doomsday

The bullets in my head will be the bullets to your death

My words are gonna leave you without breathe

We cherish this life

Nothing can take it away, not even your silly lil knife

What you ganna do with that lash

Make me mad and I’ll end it with a crash

You can’t hurt me

I’m trying to be the big man that I was meant to be

Nor can you take my identity

Now feel the intensity

I am who I am and that won’t change

Let me show you the beast in this cage

I’m a human being

My creator is the all seeing

Demon, look into my eyes and see I ain’t afraid of you

Who you’re messing with you got no clue

Now what you ganna do with that gun

When I stand up heck you’d better run

Kill me and the man behind you will kill you as well

At my death I’ll drag you to hell

Don’t know who he is but our cause is the same

Heck you’ve put us to shame

We stand up together for what we desire

Now see what we are about to conspire

Our identity, our love, life and freedom

In this world peace is seldom

Freedom to stand this atrocity no more

Have these words hit your core

We’re free from these chains

Now, we live life and hope it don’t all go down the drain

We’re now able to sit in front of the bus

You no longer control us

You lock us up because our power is beyond great

Do what you want you can’t escape fate

You can’t change our minds or our hearts

We stand together and nothing can tear us apart

Our passion for freedom is strong

Stop and think if what you’re doing is wrong

Now hear my solution

It’s time for a revolution

We are in need of no hero

Our tolerance is now at zero

You show us no pity, why should we show you some

Look back and see the fall of your Kingdom

We’ll lock you up and throw away the key

You’re starting the next World War can’t you see

Hear my words and feel how they impact your skull

Your actions are nothing but dull

What do you think of us now

Are you proud, if you are take a bow

Are we lazy like your stereotypes say we are

Our thoughts and actions are parr

No matter what obsticle you throw at us we’ll burst through

Now prepare to fall for we’ve had it with you!

Who's Up for a Revolution?


We rise at dawn,

Only to wake to the world that we were bestowed upon,

A world ruled by tyranny,

Where demons have no sympathy,

We carry a life that is powerless, hungry, and weak,

And freedom is what we truly seek,

We can no longer take this pain,

We must get out before we go insane,

For our minds are trapped inside,

Our only resource is to hide,

They rule us with fear,

Our solutions are but clear,

We must fight even though it sounds like suicide,

For what we will start is the next genocide,

The system must be torn down,

For it’s lowering us to becoming their clowns,

They care not of who we are,

Human beings that to them aren’t worth a gold bar,

We resent them and their future ancestors,

It is time we become the predators!


Slavery was said to have ended years ago but in reality they’re are people who are still enslaved and not just African-Americans but now there are different races who feel enslaved by the American government, who is still run by the white supremacist.

Unjustful actions occur every minute, and not just in the United States, world wide. There are times when people rise up and fight for what they want and if enough people stand up then they will achieve it. For example the riots at Egypt; they wanted their president to give up his throne and after much time passed and the people of Egypt rebeled they managed to bring him down. Although this crisis did affected variouse citizens phisically they managed to take controll and not be brought down.

Although there is a great injustice occuring here in the California, and thier called COPS. These men and women in uniforms tend to be think that the badge they weir makes them supirior to individualls and therefore believe that they can do as they please. For example they think they can arrest any citizen with a small excuse, and to make matters worst they can’t seem to accept their errors and just for satisfaction they beat the crap out of people. These men in uniform are what I see as the new Slave Masters with a whip disguised as a botton, pistol, and sometimes a teaser.

Security? When Is It Too Much?

Protecting and security can either be good or bad, it all depends if you're willing to cause some damage in order to protect.

After the Gardena High School incident, security is in complete  regulation.  A question that has been on my mind now is, how much is too much?  What will we do in the name of safety in school?  All these questions and few answers.

My fellow school mates told me that they did random searches in school.  It’s not common to see random searches at this time in the year.  Especially after the Gardena High School incident.  School security is great but who are you protecting when the students feel harassed by the security, or police?  I’m not saying that all security or police harass students.  I’m just saying that security can cause hysteria.

In the name of security we have caused deaths, massacres, etc.  Just look at the war in Iraq, it all started for the name of security and protecting American people.  But Americans are dying and so are the innocent people in Iraq.  Security took a different turn when instead of protecting people, they started to kill them.  Security can be a risky business, that is why you have to be careful who you are protecting and how.  Abusing the power shouldn’t happen at all, especially if you are someone that people look up to in order to protect them.

Which brings me to another topic, police brutality and abuse.  Not a lot of people enjoy the topic of police brutality because they don’t want to know that police actually abuse the power that they have.  But it’s happened, for example the Oscar Grant case in which a cop abused his power and killed Oscar Grant in Oakland, California.

All of this is really sad since Grant was not armed or dangerous.  The cop was looking for suspicious people that were in a fight earlier.  it was all to protect the civilians that were on the subway.  So security and protection can come a long way, and can take both a wrong or a good turn.  Just as long as no one abuses the power.

Is LAUSD Up to Date?

Recently with all the shootings happening inside or near by some of LAUSD school campuses like Gardena High School and El Camino Real High School, many of the parents and students of other LAUSD schools wonder if the school district is up to date with their security process and with the concern of whether or not the schools have good enough safety measures.

Not only do some parents think their children are some what in danger if the school is unable to determine if someone in school is in possession of an armed weapon; but how is the school district planning in fixing this minor security problems that can become major life threatening events?  As for the students at those high schools, they were ill informed about what to do in this type of scenario.

With that said, some of the schools that were on lockdowns were not prepared with emergency ‘lockdown kits‘; some of the  students interviewed by the LA Times, said that they were not even allowed to go to the restrooms.  Students said that they had to use trash cans, for some boys water bottles & cups did the trick as toilets if nature made its calling, while others students held poster paper to give more privacy.

With the discovering that classrooms were not fully equipped with the necessary tools for lockdowns that could possible take hours, the school district went on to say that the schools did have the supplies but maybe not all the rooms had one inside the classroom.

The ‘lockdown kit’ is said to have: a toilet paper roll  and a portable toilet seat, there’s also a flashlight, polyethylene bags, blankets, a pocket radio, bandages, facial tissues, disposable vinyl gloves, assorted batteries and ever-adaptable duct tape.  As for any concerns on food supplies that is unknown, but LAUSD should know what supplies schools have or don’t have.

It would be greatly appreciated if LAUSD and the state of California would take better care for its schools, considering that the students that attended there are our future. Also on a side note, do all the LAUSD schools really have the necessary kits for lockdowns or nature disasters if they were to occur?



Stop the Problems


During this whole week there have been three shootings within the L.A. school district. Although they did not occur at Roosevelt they did affect it. Now the school districts will enforce schools to check any students’ locker and backpack. Although it will improve the school’s safety it will decrease the students’ privacy. Sure we don’t want to be one of the unlucky schools to go on lockdown due to the idiocy of some punk who thought he would be cool if he brought a gun to school and just shot it at random with no self-conscious of who he might hurt or possibly kill. Heck we live in a community where a thing like this is bound to happen anytime, but thankfully it hasn’t occurred and hopefully it stays that way. If anything if there’s one more shooting in the district we might end up having to go through metal detectors every morning for the rest of our high school life.

If the district demands schools to conduct searches on every student, not only will it affect the time from a student’s education but most of these students will get pissed off since their privacy is being invaded. 


If it comes to the point where the schools have to install metal detectors, it will make our schools worst. Why? because those gadgets aren’t cheap and the budget has to come from somewhere, cause I doubt they will be provided freely. If anything the schools will have less money for school supplies, teachers will be laid off, and classes will end up more crowded or at some point where going to end up a charter school, which I’m guessing nobody wants.

Sure schools should be safe but they should also be able to supply us with the knowledge that we need to be successful. If it turns out that we have to pay for our safety then our education shall probably face the consequence. Although the students shouldn’t be the first to blame. If anything we should find out why these shootings are being caused and try to find a way to prevent them or diminish the possibility of such tragedy  to occur. Hopefully no more accidents occur that will make the school district enforce this system.