A Moral Story

See if you can find the moral of this story…
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There was a boy walking in the desert on the longest journey of his life; he was in search for water. Water was the most important thing in his life and for his family.  The little boy was just beginning to give up, so he decided to sit under a couple of palm trees that were up ahead.  Once he got to where the palm trees were the little boy saw the most beautiful thing ever, the thing he wanted the most.  As soon as he realized what he had discovered, and decided to keep it a secret until he got home to tell his family of this great discovery. He had found water!


He quickly dipped his small head in the pond of clean sweet water, he drank and ended the drought that was in his throat.  He then remembered he had to get home quickly before the sun was at its highest and hottest.  While on his way home, not far from where the pond laid he found a poor old man laying on the hot sands of the desert floor.  The old man told him if he had any water to spare him, the boy then told the man, “I am terribly sorry, but I can not give you any of my water, for this belongs to my mother and siblings.”  The old man told him that a small drop would do him good, but once again the boy denied him.

About a quarter of the way home the boy ran into a small group of pilgrims, they asked the boy if he had see any water on the way.  Of course once again the boy said, “ No, all I have is this bit of water for my mother and siblings.”  They thanked the boy for his help and went off their ways.

The boy then said his good byes and wished the old man the best of luck; but hoping in the back of his mind that the old man would not find the boy’s secret pond.  Running as fast as he could the boy finally got home to his mother screaming, “Mother I have found water for us!”  The mother was so excited that the next day she sent the boy and his brothers in search for the secret pond.  As soon as he got to the pond the boy ran to be the first to drink from the pond; but when he got there he found the pond was dead dry!  For the sun had burned its blaze on the poor little pond. Unlucky for the boy who was selfish enough not to share his pond with others, that in the end he did not enjoy it.

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