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left, Folgore and Kyanchome, middle Megumi and Tio, right, Sunbeam and Umagon, and the bottom, kiyomaro and Gash

Hey hey hey, its one of those post where you must get your demon child and fight or that he may become demon king. Zatch bell is a manga which revolves our 100 demon children to compete in a giant battle to decide who shall become the king of their world.

The main character being gash bell wants to become a kind king so that there will be no more strife in his world, so he battles other demons to fufill this dream. Each with their own special abilities, they seek for one goal, that is become king. Each one has their own kingmanship, some trying to being a strict but selfish king, a king of justice, or a king that will unite all the clans to become whole. some were forced into this battle, and their onl dream is to have with their human partner.

Now that I got rid of the plot and what not, lets talk about why this manga is awesome. This is one of those mangas that know how to balance their comedy, seriousness and sadness, I’m not going to lie, this story made me cry at least 9 or 10 times. And now that i finished how this became good its time to become bias and geek out on my favorite demon child, that being kyanchome, human partner The Invincible Folgore.

He is the underdog, the one being the weakest of the group with his onl ability being able to transform into things. Now you might say, ”  hey, transforming powers are cool, i can change into a giant elephant” bzzt wrong, he only has powers to transform into inanimate objects, rope, walls and armor. He can also change into a giant minotaur, he seems powerful but his strength does not change, only his appeance, he also turns into a giant, but that is just illusion.

Now you see how he is weak, but later as the story progresses he finally realizes his powers revolve around the ability to trick the opponent but he is limited to tricking their eye sight. With this in mind he begins to trick the other senses rather than just the eyesight, he bigins to mess with their sense of smell touch and hearing. After doing this he is able to beat gash, who is the main character and as main character he is entitled to being the fighter in the story and thats saying something.

Now i dare any one to be able to defeat kyanchome, ohh and the only reason he didn’t become king was because he was blindsided or suckerpunched if you will, so that is why kyanchome is the best demon, next to chernabog, ever.

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