A Humble Request

“I humbly request permission to die.”

This girl who stands before Us, she is of the most unusual sort. Though not in appearance. In appearance she is like any other. Her features are ordinary, her clothes nondescript. No, it is her demeanor that puzzles. She stands still under the torchlight, hands lying placidly at her side, head slightly bowed. Her composure is much too tranquil for one who has made such a request.

“Your time is not up yet, child,” We admonish. “It is our knowledge that you have many years left to live.”

“I understand,” she responds, her gaze trained on a spot in the ground.

“Then you must understand that We cannot let you go,” We reply cautiously. But it is too late. We are curious, much too curious to dismiss her yet. “Whatever has happened to make one so young as you wish for her demise?”

“Nothing, Majesties,” she reassures. “I find that the life I have been given is pleasant enough.”

“Why then do you come here seeking what you know We cannot grant without sufficient cause?”

On the wall behind her, her shadow dances along with the flames.

“Because I want to know.”

The girl raises her eyes, and in those eyes so otherwise unremarkable lies a great longing—a longing for something greater, a longing for things unknown. We look and We witness an unmatched desire to know more.

She seeks no reprieve from burdens too great to endure, nor is she after a much-deserved rest from the bustles of existence. No. Such wishes would be far too mundane for this girl, who, despite her appearance, is nothing of the sort. This girl’s aim is not to escape but to explore.

Will I be denied,” she whispers fervently. “This knowledge?

What beauty she might have had to offer is now lost to the world.

The answers she sought even we'd like to know...

One thought on “A Humble Request”

  1. Jenny, I got to say, I’m impressed!

    I read the first sentence–actually I just glanced over it–and I was hooked. This is really good. When you said you liked creative writing, I was curious and mow my curiosity is satiated.

    That left me wishing to learn more about this mysterious “We” that seems a leader, but one. Reminds me of Ayn Rand’s Novel Anthem.

    It was like reading a good piece of chocolate cake that was so good that you wanted to eat more but you look to see and there is no more. If you understand my metaphor…

    Well done. I want to see more.

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