Clowns: They’re Creepy, Trust Me

Clowns. You see them everywhere from carnivals to scary mazes,movies, you name it. For some reason, they creep me out. The official term for this irrational version to red-nosed entertainers is coulrophobia. While many of us are merely creeped out by clowns, the fear runs much deeper for others, affecting their daily lives. We at all some point we have heard the traumatizing stories that people have told us or expeiernced within themselves. The clowns demeanor seems so powerful against a defenseless person, when they abruptly pop out of nowhere. Some people may find it amusing and exciting that a clown pops out of nowhere, I, however loathe it.

There are several theories attempt to explain the origins of the phobia, though none seem definitive. Thanks to painted-on smiles, people can’t distinguish if the clown is as happy as he seems or if he’s actually about to bite somebody’s face off.

No one likes the idea of some clown scaring you because you don’t know whose behind the mask. It would probably be less scary if we probably knew who was behind the mask and keeping in mind, that someone behind the mask is a normal person,just like us. So the question is, Why are people scared of a person wearing a colorful mask?

Originally, the clown masks and paining are some of the ancients forms used as a sense of humor, a sense of laughter.They did it to encite fear in enemies, and for concealment. Face painting and other strange and adornments were tradionally used to incite a negative feeling.

Ever since I was younger, I feared clowns. I went inside a scary maze with my older cousin and my uncle’s niece and their friends. At the time, I was about about 5 years old. Ever since that one moment, I gave been traumatized and afraid of clowns. Every on has at some point experienced a fear towards clowns, I guess that people are just not wanting to talk about it.

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