Ode To Cheese

Cheese cheese cheesy,

oh how I love thee and your cheesiness

I love how the older you get

the smellier you are but the

tastier you get

Oh how I love to put you

on my pizza, hamburgers, and sandwiches

Well um…. that was a horrible poem and well I ran out of things to put in that poem as well. Which is great for you guy’s reading cause that means you no longer have to read that bad poem. But to this upside there is also a downside and well this downside is in order, to finish blog I need 350 words. Which you guessed it means you get to listen well read my lovely useless rant for the remainder of this blog.

But since I got you reading I will use this time to promote my new book “I’m awesome and so can you be the self help book”. yes that is no mistake that is the title of the book yes I know How do I do it that was such a great title, sometimes I don’t know how I do it.

This awesome book that you have not yet read yet is well basically about me so this is not really much of a self help book. It is a book really just about me, and all the great I have done and will do. But I’ll tell you the story behind the story it happened one day one sunny perfect day I was walking home.

And I realized I am so awesome and just great that there should be a book written about me. And who would be better to write the book of the year then me . Its so crazy how just so awesome I am, so in closing go buy my book its great and you’ll love it.

But I am so sorry to the readers out there I have made my word count yet so I’ll ramble a little more. Back to the poem if anyone has any suggestion and or things I can add to my poem, I would greatly appreciate and will gladly add it to the poem. Anyways thank you for wasting about 5 minutes of your life to read this it means a lot to me, well honestly not really but still thank you.

Smelly Cheese

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