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Things to know before dating

Yesterday I was walking towards my 2nd period when one of my friends, comes up to me and she states, “omg evelyn you have to read this book!” I look at the title & i say “wow, It looks super interesting.”

I wasn’t wrong one bit. The first page talked about how a guy should never tell a girl I’m going to call you and they never do. It gives both perspectives on what the girl should do or say as well as the guy on different troubled confusing scenarios in everyday life.

It’s not even boring either. It’s short, straight forward and it says nothing BUT the truth.  Josefa Salinas is the author of the book, who has also worked on the radio for 17 years. She has combined everything she has listened to from people complaining about their problems into one book.

This is just a brief description of what you can expect out of the book.

“ For the men who don’t understand why they strike out with women, and for the women who give away their power to these men, Josefa Salinas sets the record straight. She brilliantly enumerates relationship guidelines for each gender, with opportunity to inscribe your journey. Learning ONLY these ‘101 Things to Know Before you date….’ Will provide you with 101 opportunities for richer relationships!”

Give this a try! I recommend it


A couple of weeks ago, I laid my hands upon this very interesting book cover and title that seemed very familiar. As I was walking from shelf to shelf it got my attention. Then I started reading further on, using the mini summary books tend to have on the back, and it got my attention.

Normally I’m into romance, teenage drama books, but this happened to deal with a vampire story called Marked, by P.C Cast. I had never really considered vampire stories, but since I loved the Twilight Saga I was like, “Ehh, why not?” Next thing you know, it got me hooked.
Marked Pictures, Images and Photos

It’s about a teenager named Zoey who is dealing with problems at home and issues at school with her boyfriend and best friend. One day in school she’s chatting with her so-called best friend Kayla when a vampire who is marked tells her “Zoey Montgomery! Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night! He lifted one long, white finger and pointed at me. As my forehead exploded in pain Kayla opened her mouth and screamed.”(3)

This is just the beginning of the book, it gets so much better. I highly recommended. You’ll get addicted for sure.


It gets better there’s a series. Check them out!

This is the second book, Betrayed. Currently reading this.

Cell phones


The other day I was just sitting down contemplating on how much my cell phone service sucks. But I should be grateful that at least I have some sort of communication right? Well I was wondering why is it that maybe Verizon in some aspects and by a lot is better than T Mobile , Sprint or At&T? But then again I wouldn’t completely know because so far I’ve only had T mobile and Verizon.verixon

But according to a website, Cell phone Providers rank are as followed


2. AT & T

3. Sprint

4. T-mobile

5. Us Cellular


7. Virgin Mobile

8.Boost mobile

9.Trac fone

10. Power Net Mobile

For the holidays, what are people really buying the most, cell phones from Verizon or from T mobile? After all I mean it is just a cell phone, that some people cant live without for a day.


Latin Blood, American Hearts

As we breathe day by day, and the word of military expands throughout the US, not much consideration and honor is given to those Latin Men, who also risk their life fighting for America. Not many know, that nearly 4,000 Medals of Honor have been awarded since the Civil War.

40 have been given to Latino Americans making them the largest single ethnic group, in proportion to the number who served, to earn our nation’s highest award for bravery. A special Event is going to be held, by The Obregon/CMH Memorial Foundation to honor these men who earned our nation’s highest military Award.

The Wall of Honor will be unveiled at FATHER SERRA PARK. Across from the Union Station. Many interesting people are going to be there, like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Councilman Jose Huizar, and distintinguished celebrities and guests.

Come see how this amazing monument is unveiled of Obregon commiting an act of bravery during his last minutes alive.  Saving a formmer Friend Pfc Bert M. Johnson of Grand Prairie, Texas,


Astrology? Are you a believer?

Last year everyday during sixth period, I would walk into the room anxious to read my horoscope.  At the time, I was a true believer. If my horoscope said I was having a good day, then I would believe it.

But then again there were those days when I was like, “This makes no sense to what’s happening to me right now,” and then I would get mad.

Some people don’t believe in horoscopes at all. Their like, “Oh it’s dumb.”

I would say that I believe in it but to a certain extent. I just find superstitions very fascinating.


Something I find very interesting that I read online is how us as Human beings have always been curious to know our future. Whenever someone is in difficulty and cannot easily come out of it, he wants to know whether the days of his misery will come to an end at all. And if yes, then when? Astrology in a way provides a little clue or “hope”.

Another thing that I find very interesting to read is the “compatibility” between signs like let’s say whats the love or friendship compatibility of a libra? with a Scorpio?

Here are some images in which Attract my attention a lot. Take a look.


Do you sleep well?

sleepMany people don’t really know how important it is to sleep.  I love to sleep. It’s become a hobby for me, people are constantly telling me “omg you sleep too much”, but what they don’t know it’s that its beneficial.

Sleeping is one of the most important functions in life. Sleep is food for the brain. During sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur. Skipping sleep can be harmful — even deadly. You can look bad, you may feel moody, and you perform poorly. Sleepiness can make it hard to get along with your family and friends and hurt your scores on school exams, on the court or on the field.


How much sleep do teenagers need?

Most teenagers need between nine and nine-and-a-half hours of   sleep each night. Yet surveys show that most teenagers get only six to seven hours.

There are many other ways in which the right amount of sleep can keep you healthy. During sleep the body:

Repairs cells: Sleep slows metabolism, heartbeat and breathing rate, which helps the body replenish after daily physical activity.

Releases growth hormones in young adults: While you sleep, a hormone is released that aids the growth of bones, tissues and new red blood cells.

Strengthens your immune and nervous systems.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you may experience symptoms of sleep deprivation. These include:

  • Falling asleep in class.
  • Irritability.
  • Difficulty waking up in the morning.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Depression after prolonged sleep deprivation.


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone has problems sleeping at times, especially during adolescence. Below are some tips to increase your chances of sleeping better.

  • Eliminate caffeine (or foods that have caffeine, such as chocolate).
  • Set a regular sleep schedule and stick with it, even on weekends.
  • Avoid exercise after dinner.
  • Wear comfortable clothes or pajamas to bed.
  • Make sure your room is not too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid stimulating TV, music or computer time before bed.
  • Use meditation or relaxation techniques.
  • Try the old standby: counting sheep — in other words, activities that are repetitive and lack stimulation.

However, if you are still tired after trying suggestions and a lack of sleep is hurting your daily school work or relationships, please see your doctor.


kva_za_h2_prev_stress_450 Being a teenager in high school isn’t easy. Especially when you’re a senior and so many things are flying past you at an incredibly fast rate, either you like it or not.  Some people can deal with quick changes but others just might have a bit of a problem.
What is Stress?

Stress is the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world.

There are many ways in which stress can manifest itself, both physical and mental, and you need to be aware of them all, and alert to the signs. Stress is a major problem among teens, possibly even more than it is among adults, because they don’t have the experience or maturity to be able to cope with it.

But all stress isn’t bad. Some stress can be happy, exciting and challenging. We need stress in our lives; without it life would be dull.

But when it gets out of hand thats when we need to worry.

Too much stress can have a negative affect on one’s body, mind, and feelings. How you handle your stress has a lot to do with your health. When stress becomes too frustrating and lasts for long periods, it can become harmful distress. Recognizing the early signs of stress and doing something about it can improve the quality of your life. If you have signs of stress very oftenWATCH OUT!


Physical (body) Mental (mind) Emotional (feelings)
Fast heartbeat
Increased urination
Lack of Concentration
Drop in school performance
Unable to study
Anger outbursts

stress girl

Stay aware of your signs of stress. If you are having signs of stress, follow the tips below to avoid stress overload (distress). Since stress will be with us the rest of our lives, it is important to know some ways of dealing with stress.

Ways to handle too much stress

  • Take deep breaths/Practice deep breathing exercises
  • Watch your thoughts/think positive
  • Find time to relax and cool out
  • Pray or read something inspirational
  • Visualize what you want to happen
  • Use pressure points to reduce headaches
  • Talk problems over with a friend or counselor
  • Don’t dwell on your weaknesses
  • Feel proud of your accomplishments
  • Exercise daily
  • Do muscle tension relaxation exercises
  • Punch a pillow, scream or kick a can
  • Prepare for tests early
  • Eat a nutritious meal or snack
  • Take one thing at a time
  • Set realistic goals
  • Stop worrying about things that may never happen
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Get involved with things you like to do
  • Make time for fun
  • Do something for others
  • Use the four steps to problem solving:

If you can relate to some of these things then you know what to do.


Glee Glee Glee,


what a weird word right? That’s what I thought when I even heard of such a thing. Who would watch such a thing I asked myself when I saw the preview of it towards the beginning of fall. Little did I know that I was going to be hooked! This show is amazingly interesting. It certainly deserves the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s a one hour comedy musical that just really is different from most shows.


A biting comedy for the underdog in all of us.

Fist things first it has to do with a high-school Spanish teacher  who becomes the director of the school’s Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory. Getting cheerleaders, geeks, football players, a guy in a wheelchair, rockers, gays, and kids from different groups to be part of it. With one goal in mind to win nationals. It might sound easy but it’s not so easy when everything seems to be against them.

You should give it a try, it’s really worth your hour.

90’s favorite kid Tv shows!


Do you remember the old tv shows we all use to watch as little kids. The ones were it was like social suicide to turn the “off” button? I was sitting down the other day thinking of how unique these shows were,regardless of their age in making. And when we all talk about these shows we’re like which one was really the best one? Now a days kids tv shows are very very different.  Theres dragons, when back in the 90’s there used to be BANANAS IN PAJAMAS


The  BIG COMFTY COUCH was one of my favorites! It was about a clown named Loonette and her doll named molly. Many of you might have seen it, But it was really entertaining. Another favorite TV show I can remember is HEY ARNOLD.hey-arnold

The show was on nickelodeon, and Arnold had a big football head. The episodes were really entertaining. Other shoes that people might remember are The  bear in the Big Blue House, Power Rangers,Pepper Ann, The Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats, Doug, and many more.

overall The shows were unique and special and I’m not saying this just because I grew up watching them they just were.



Out of many things I enjoy doing one of the things I love to do is collect and read Magazines. Fashion Magazines or Teen Magazines.  My favorite Magazine happens to be Seventeen Magazine. I have been reading Seventeen Magazine, for about 3 years.  I get happy when Seventeen gets delivered at my house, a big smile gets on my face. The most I enjoy about the Magazine is, how fun to read the magazine is itself, there’ s a section on Hair Skin and Make Up which in a way it’s like a bible to me, it just helps out so much giving teens like myself hair ideas, or the best cheap products. In some cases, I have taken Seventeen with me to buy things, its just very useful.  In the Magazine there’ s also a category on Fashion, like back to school ideas, or the newest trend in clothing. There’ s fun quizzes and real life stories that teach you things about tragic events that have a occurred to teenagers and how to progress from it. In a way to expand awareness.  I suggest you give this Magazine a try! The Magazine speaks for It self.