Procrastination, it affects about almost every teen ever. Especially those that are in school. We always wait for the last day, the last night, the last hour to finish those homework assignments that we had so much time for. If a homework is assigned for a week, the student will do it on the last day. If the homework is assigned for one day, the student would do it late at night that same day. Heck, the student might even try to do it the day that it’s due before the class starts.

It’s an ongoing issue that negatively affects us all. If we do this for all our classes, everything would just come crumbling down in the last moments. That causes a whole lot of stress and everybody wants to avoid that. It might even be the cause of the whole senioritis thing that has been going around. Only doing things ahead of time can prevent this type of stress

To be totally honest, I’m procrastinating right now. This blog assignment was assigned to us bout a week ago. And I am barely starting it right now. I’ve had so much time to do it but I’ve waited for the last day to do it. Not even just the last day, I’m doing this like, 10 minutes that it’s actually due. At first, I was panicking that I wouldn’t get this thing done but after a while, it wasn’t too hard. But looking back at it all, I think it came out pretty descent.

It’s Over!!!

So it’s finally over!!! Juniors, sophomores, and freshman won’t know what I’m talking about when I say that it’s over, because only seniors will know what I mean that college applications are now over. The most stressful week of the whole year has come to its end and it’s a relief for us all.

I swear, I spent like, 2 whole weeks trying to finish the Educational Opportunity Program application just to end up rewriting a big portion of it because I wasn’t satisfied with my writing.

Not only did I have to finish that application, COLLEGE applications in general were killing us!! It literally got some crazy thoughts in my head at some points. Like, what if i just become America’s next Master Chef??? Like, seriously, I will be the best Master Chef that this country will ever have.

Like, who needs college in the first place? This is just like “The Next Kanye” all over again. There is always that option in life. No matter what happens in life, there’s always that option of launching that rap career.

No, but seriously, college applications suck. They take too much time to finally finish and it’s so stressful deciding if it’s perfect or not. Especially the personal statements. They took the longest amount of time, even though it only takes about a couple of days to actually write down the basics so that means that the rest of the time is spent making these small corrections that are so annoying!!

That doesn’t matter anymore. Its all over now. we are now resting in peace and can finally continue with the rest of senioritis that this school year has to offer.

Why The Same Routine Is Boring!



Having to do the same routine is really boring to do everyday! Waking up every morning and be like “UGH!” is a horrible feeling you DONT want to wake up to. To me I hate this feeling because I start to slack, I like to be a bit excited every morning to get motivated every morning and get through the day. Sometimes having a routine because you know what you have to do and you become more of an expert of what your doing.

But also once you become an expert of something you kind of get bored of doing it over and over again. For examples, relationships. Have you ever been in a relationship and got tired of hanging out with your significant other? Or did you just not wanted to be with that person cause they didn’t wanted to do anything?

Well my friend i feel you! Its a common issue why relationships don’t work out because there is always a partner that gets bored of seeing the same person over and over again. Sometimes one partner wants to take things to the next level and the other partner does not and that is where things start to fail because they get bored of being in the same level all the time or for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, routines are good for you but if you are getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again it is time to change something. If you are a person that says “My life is so boring” your life is not boring the only boring person is you because you do not want to change a lifestyle.

Life and Death. Whhhaaat?

Which one do you think is important?

Which one do you think is important?

Life is many different things to people. It can be fun, scary, sad, and bad. There are many point of views when it comes to life and it’s purpose. But how do people usually come about thinking of life and it’s purpose?

Usually because of death. Sometimes it can be caused by the death of a close one. Life does not seemed to be questioned until someone has lost theirs. It’s actually pretty sad that people can sometimes go about their lives and not question it. Life is meant to be questioned and shouldn’t be questioned sometimes…

And then there is death. Death is really weird to think about and is very scary. But people should be able to be open to discussing death more often. It may be painful to discuss but it only gets easier if it is discussed more. It seems like a thing that philosophers discuss and argue about but you don’t have to be one to talk about it.

Life and Death are really abstract but they are what you make of them and there is not “right” or “wrong” answer to them. More people should talk about both and the meanings to them. You may think that there is a meaning to one, and no meaning to another. But either way that is okay. They both should be thought about more often. Talk about it with your friends, parents, or even your teacher. It could be very interesting to hear all the different point of views that are all around you.

“The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I to die, and you to live. Which of these two is better only God knows.”


Nail Polish…Gone Wrong.

I love nail polish, dearly.  I love getting any color of nail polishes. However, this month I learned that although I love nail polishes I need to stop buying them.  I went to Walgreens and bought expensive nail polishes.  As excited as I was I knew that buying expensive nail polishes would not solve this problem.

The problem is, I do not know how to “paint my nails.” Well, I do know how to; however, not properly. I mess up every time.  There is always a problem with my nails and the polishes it wears. For instance, I do not let them dry ( I have no patience), I also do not know how many coats of paint I should use (2 or 3?), I also have a difficult time deciding what color to use (that is why sometimes the color of my nails do not match).

When I went to Walgreens I thought that maybe If I bought expensive ($$) nail polishes my nails would not look like a prison who needs a new paint job. But as it turns out they continue to look horrible. *Sad face* I tried to make my nails look pretty, but I failed. So I indeed had to take them off, but as it turns out I do not have nail polish remover. (Ugh!) So now, I have to wear my nails as if my little sister painted my nails.

So now I look like Lorde with her ugly “fashionista” nails. But that does not matter because I actually like the look of the ugly nails I have been accustomed to. Well atleast I know that I do not have to spend so much money on nailpolishes in order for me to have the Lorde style. Oh, and in case you do not know who Lorde is…look her up. Haha.

Ugly nails, don't care.

Ugly nails, don’t care.



Yummy in my tummy

Don’t y’all just love food, because I know I do! Very much actually. Food makes me happy happy.  I think about food more than I think about anything else. I find it sad in a way but then again I don’t. Like I find it sad because who thinks about food this much as me? When I should be worried about my grades or school.

One thing I hate is when my stomach starts growling really loud like in class. It’s literally so loud. Then I start getting in a bad mood like when I’m hungry everything irritates me. Everyone everything annoys me. I hate when someone tries talking to me it’s like no talk to me when you have some good in your hands.

It’s so weird how much food makes me happy, happier than most things. Like I’ll be in a bad or sad mood and then someone brings me good or I’ll buy some I will literally be happy again. Everyone who knows me knows food is my weakness. Myself for being a girl I eat way too much.

My mom says I would rather waste my money on food than buying myself new clothes and stuff. It’s very much true and I hate to admit it. Like I really need a new bag for school but my stubborn self would rather save up to go buy some wings from Wingstop or something rather that getting a new bag.

Well then again who doesn’t love food right? Food is everyone’s weakness.

That One Feeling

Have you ever had that one feeling where the beat gets you in the mood, Or perhaps when your in a good mood  and you can not explain it but you say “It’s that one feeling.” Well If you haven’t had that one feeling, in the future you probably will. That one feeling just appears out of no where.

That one feeling could happen when the beat drops and your singing like if it was your actual song. It could happen when your eating something so yummy and you can’t describe the feeling as it enters your throat and down to your stomach.

That one feeling doesn’t have to be desirable it could be unpleasant. When your nervous for a test and your stomach feels weird as you enter the class. It could even be when your mad about something and your blood starts to boil (When your body starts to feel warm). That could be that one feeling.

When all of a sudden you feel depressed and you don’t have an idea why your sad. That could be another one of those feelings. That one feeling could come anytime, any place at any moment. I remember the most memorable time I  had that  one feeling, I was listening to pandora while washing the restroom, and my friend calls me. As soon as I answer I hear in the background the same song I was listening to, BAM BAM by Sister Nancy. My first reaction was a huge Kool aid smile  and I just started

Don’t be scared if that one moment happens,  it is just probably a feeling every when gets when emotion run through your body.

When your head is filled with question marks everywhere?

When your head is filled with question marks everywhere?





I wish to go

Sun. Spain was ablaze with it, that’s what I firs thought when I first stepped off the plane. Spain was a superior place to be around the summertime. Everyone seemed so happy and relaxed.

The sun beamed down onto my face, standing alone I gazed up at the Azure sky and was glad that I came to Spain. The Beaches in Spain were magical, with there golden sand and blue seas it was a great place to be around summer and my parents allowed me to spend a night there camping on the beach with my friend who I brought along.

As I looked along the different points along the shore, the waves and ripple’s of the salty blue water crash upon various sections of the beach. I then decided to put on my ray-bans and slap on some sunscreen and sit and absorb the suns glory. I looked around and me and my friend were taking in the in the deep blue sky, the light blue sea, the red-hot sun and white sand.

The pleasantly refreshing smell of the Sea Came over us and we were feeling very Fortunate to be here and not Scotland. A cool breeze would appear every so often and cooled us down which off of the ocean water.

I want to travel places!!!!

I want to travel places!!!!

The songs of the seagulls and of small children running about and having fun could be heard echoing around the beach but within a few hours of being in this idyllic beach we grew restless and wanted to go and explore the whole beach and the surrounding area.

A Loving Gesture

As a otaku gamer we all have come across the item franchise created revolving a series or company, and sad to say, but with these tough times its hard to come across the spare spending money, especially with the holidays around the corner coming up.

Well luckily for me I have a loving sister who is kind enough to spend a bit from her college aid and buy me a gift early for the month, I am now a owner of a collectors box of the pendants in shape of the Kingdom Hearts Keyblades, franticly I wouldn’t say im a HUGE mega fan of the series, I mean I do play it and all but im not much to collect stuff. Nether the less in all honestly I would of preferred a subway gift card so I can spend it on my Elsword game which allows me to convert gift cards into game money otherwise known as K-Ching in the Elsword world.  Or even maybe a Karma Koin card, either one would of been fine with me.  *Cough Karma Koin is better cough cough*


But in all seriousness im not a picky person and don’t complain about what I get out of generosity. (I learned not to do that the hard way)  I mean growing up I was picky but then again, who wasn’t?  We all have that faze in our lives so nothing to be ashamed to admit.  Lately my sister has been buying me a lot of Anime things for my room and im forever grateful she would do such a thing for someone like me.  For a person who never asks for anything in return its very generous what she has been doing for me all these years, guess its true what they say. The world is truly, not a bad place to live in after all.


Try to guess which is my favorite


The unexpected became the expected

The unexpected person could be one of your closest friends.

The unexpected person could be one of your closest friends.

It was about 4 years ago from what I can remember. You can say we weren’t really close, all we did was say ” Hi and Bye,” that was a normal conversation for us. The year passed and the friendship wasn’t there still but I didn’t mind because I had friends. But don’t you ever say to yourself ” For sure we won’t get close, she like things I don’t.” Well it turned out I was wrong, sometimes a persons dislikes can be united like how a negative and a positive push each other to be closer instead of having two positive charges pulling away from each other.

It might sound silly, you never know the person you hate with all your guts could be the only person that can truly understand you.

Back to my story, for the passed 2 years we still were not close we had a full on conversation at times but it wasn’t the same as having a good friend to laugh and chat about life. Our relationship was still a bit odd you can say.

Until Senior year, out of nowhere we just talked about life and the conversation became juicy. Little by little we started hanging out more and expanding our crew. Now we tell each other mostly everything because we understand each other, we make each other laugh and I have my best friend. In such a weird way but both our imperfections created a magnetic bond like a sisterhood.

The staff blog for the Roosevelt High School newspaper in Los Angeles.