Last Days of February

February,  mostly known as the month that holds Valentine’s Day. The day everyone decides to make a big deal about the one(s) you are in love with.  However, if you are the type of person who goes to a restaurant on this day, tell me how many upset faces do you? It’s pretty funny considering many people are mad on Valentine’s Day but you would assume many people will be all nice and romantic.

On a different note, I found that many students don’t know when Black History month was. Others don’t even think know that there is a Black History Month and that’s February.  I find it pretty sad how the students aren’t aware of information that is useful to with Public schooling.

A Possible Future Thought

This is the Ps3 Remake of the original, It all started with a simple press of a button.

This is the Ps3 Remake of the original, It all started with a simple press of a button.

As we grow up we learn how society has put us into gender roles that are considered ‘normal’ on a daily basis, looking around some may not be easy to spot and some may. How many guys do you know who have said ‘I wish I had a gamer girlfriend’? A lot huh? Sadly we don’t see many that often or if we do its usually taken as if we just discovered a new unknown discovery.

Growing up I wasn’t really into video games, I found it as a distraction or as a device that didn’t let you enjoy life, but all that changed when I received my first video game console. It was nothing fancy, just a grey game boy advance, my very first game was you wont believe it but it was The Powerpuff Girls Him and Seek for the GBA, playing it as a kid I got intrigued by how characters looked and how the storylines went, naturally as I got older I started to play a wider range of games. I even started drawing in hopes I can draw my own characters someday. I self taught myself how to draw and even now I may not be the best but im still learning, I guess you can say it wasn’t till this year, senior year where I got serious thinking about how I can make this passion into a reality.

If you ask me my favorite game style, without question ill say RPG, or even more specific, anime RPG style, im intruded and fascinated into all the detail they put into making the experience joyful, favorite RPG game? Hands down that would be Tales of Symphonia, the graphics are outstanding and the scenery and composition is breathe taking.

Recently well more like a year or two ago I stumbled upon another game called Elsword, its a  MMO anime RPG side scrolling game, although it may not be as fanatic as Tales of Symphonia in my opinion, it still serves a bit justice in creating a good experience, ive been entering contest on Elsword over the past year in hopes that my work can someday be published in the game, whether it be character costumes or even a mere fan art I will always be pleased with my work no matter the results. After I finish high school I hope that one day I can study hard and get into the profession of game making, I want to be the animator that makes things, I want to design stuff that will be shown to be my signature, and with hard work and determination I know I can, because I will work my hardest and explore more things in hopes that one day I can achieve my goal and even possibly work for KOG  Studios (Elsword developer) or Namco Tales Studio (Tales of Symphonia developer), I want to be able to show the world what im made of, and with determination I know I can do it!

Weather ?

This blog is going to be about the weather. Why is the weather changing so often ? I believe that California weather is changing too often. For example, some days it’s warm, other days it’s cold, other days cloudy, and sometimes raining.

The weather has really varied these couple of months because some days are cold, and others warm. As I’m typing this right now the weather now is nothing compared to the weather last week. It is about 84 degrees and I can feel the heat almost like if it was summer. It’s also bad because sudden changes in weather can make your body react differently due to the change in weather.

I  prefer the weather to be at mid 70′s because the weather is refreshing and neither too hot or cold which is something I like because this type of weather can be enjoyed when doing any type of activity.  If there was somewhere where this type of weather was consistent then I would not mind moving there at all.

Even though the weather is constantly changing I believe that California weather is still the best out of any other location since California is known for its great weather.

I hope that the weather some how goes back to being consistent and not a change of weather every single day.




Bob Marley

20150220_150325“If you know the song is right, then you know the music is right.” -Bob Marley

Coming from nothing and getting to becoming the most influencial person in times of need, Bob Marley came to be.  Bob Marley was such a powerful human being in the sense that he knew how to move, unity and put his people through the right direction for a better life.

People say that Bob Marley was not a good person because he smoked a lot of herbs. But do people know the story behind that. Marley smoked herbs because he believed that it will awaken consciousness and put you in a spiritual stage. Bob Marley knew when and where to smoke his herbs but it was also because of his religion. He also knew how to control his high and never did anything inapporpiate, he knew when and how much to consume.

Even though Bob Marley, was famous he never forgot to give it back to his people. The money he got he would donate it to his people in need. He would support all 11 children he had with 7 different women. Yes, Bob had 11 children. In an interview they conducted on Bob Marley, they asked him what was his greatest rich. As society we would assume it;s the money he got but no he said ” My rich is life forever.” Bob Marley was a humble individual and full of life.

In every concert or as any normal day Bob Marley always shared his positivity. He gave hope to his people, his music caught everyones attention even if they did not know what he was singing. They felt his music and felt inspired.


New Year, New You?



So it’s the beginning of a whole new year and many people are deciding that now, even though they could have decided at ANY time in the past year, to do some sort of New Year resolution.

I for one didn’t commit to any resolutions, but that’s just me. Other people however, are trying to get into new habits to start off the new year “fresh”.

I think that it would be really hard starting something new when you have no experience of it. For example, one of the most common new years resolutions is starting to work out or lose weight. People think it’s easy and have no idea how difficult it can be to stay dedicated to that goal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put anybody down. If people DO have that resolution, then by all means, I hope they stay committed and that it all works out for them. I would definitely give it a try but I forget………. there’s food.

Another very common new years resolution that I hear a whole lot about is doing perfect in school. I’m gonna be real and say that I have personally tried that, and well…… It didn’t work out the way I planned. But anyways, the point is that I foolishly made that resolution without having any idea how hard it can really be. A better resolution could have been to at least do BETTER in school than how I was at that time. At least like that, I would’ve had an idea of how it would’ve felt to reach for a more possible goal.


My favorite Cousin of All


I still remember it like it was yesterday

I have many cousins in my family;however, my one and only favorite is Jessica Lazaro. Jessica is like a sister to me because she tells me what is wrong and what is right. Even though she is a year younger than me, she still gives me advice of life. Jessica and I have been very good cousins since the day we had our birthday party together at the young age of 4. I still remember when we had to break the Barney pinata and none of us were strong enough to break through the pinata. I cannot believe how time goes by quick becasue recenlty my entire family celebrated Jessica’s Sweet Fifteen. I was chosen to be her madrina and with great pleasure I said of course. I was rushing for the preparations of her fifteen since it was only a few months away, but we made it possible. I still remember like it was yesterday when my name was called on the microphone and I had to give a mini speech on how she has became a women.

The speech that was in my head was way different from the one I actually told her. I was thinking” Oh my god girl you need to grow up and open your eyes to reality”,however, I said ” Welcome everybody to Jessica’s 15, it is such a great honor to be her madrina in which I will lookout for her as much as I can”. I know what I said was way different ,but I did not mean to be rude for the audience.

Should LAUSD Be Worried About Their Ipads Getting Hacked?


The ipads restriction

It will only take a group of students or one clever kid to bypass the security software and make it missing from the districts system.  When we received the ipads back two weeks ago and the new system only has one profile, but seems like all the profiles it had before is all in one. Now you can’t delete anything life in example; the applications, profiles.  All the applications are being controlled by LAUSD and you can’t add any of the apps you would like.  All the ipads are being controlled by one, so at any other day you will see a new app installed without you knowing.

I remember our principle said but I could be wrong that we can customize and use the ipads like if it was ours.  Now when we got them back we could not customize them to how we use our own device. It is very Very limited. The only thing we can actually change is the wallpaper.  By limiting the use of the ipads to a student is just like limiting beer to a alcoholic, they will be tempted to do something tricky to get more. Limiting just makes students tempted to bypass the security wall of the ipad.

To someone that is very obsessive  of electronics like me, you can not limit the use of an electronic. I am very tempted to try to “hack” the ipad and prove the district wrong that their security wall can or might (I can be wrong) be bypassed and deleted.

Fifty Shades of Grey


Are you prepared for it?

Well this weekend Fifty Shades of Grey comes out and everyone is excited, literally everyone. Everyone is talking about it especially since it comes out on Valentines day. Woooaah couples are very expected to be there forsure. Since it is rated R I assume a lot of comotion is going to be happening since a lot of under age people are going to want to watch it.

Myself personally I cannot wait to watch it. I cannot wait because I actually read the books and just I loved the books they really caught my attention not like any other book. I admit it is a bit more than I expected it to be but glad I gave it a chance to read it. At first I was undecided to read it I don’t know why I guess I judged it before I even read it. My friend recommended me to read it she said I was going to enjoy it. I gave up and actually read it. I ended up reading it in like 3 days. It was just that good. I had to read the second book as soon as possible even though I did not know where to get it from. When I finally did end up getting it I read it so fast.

Anyways I have seen people putting up on social media that they went to the premiere and that it was good but not as good because that they did not put parts that happened in the book. When I read that it kind of disappointed me but still I want to go see it for myself and see how it goes. Cant wait!

“As Queer As A Clockwork Orange” A Clockwork Orange the novel

“Being the adventures of a young man whose principle interests are rape, ultra-violence, and Beethoven.”

Does the photo catch your interest?

Does the photo catch your interest?

Yes, you read right. And you might have even heard of it because many people may find the content to be disturbing to an extent. It is not just a movie that Stanley Kubrick directed, but it is also a novel by Anthony Burgess.

The odd thing about this novel is that there is a first version and a second one. The first one is usually called the “American” version because it was originally written to have twenty chapters. But in the second version, it has all original twenty chapters. Crazy right?!

This novel is quite a read. Many might consider it a tough novel to read. If you take the time to actually read it,  please do not just watch the movie.  There are many important details that the movie missed. The book fully covers the main character “Alex” and his background and development. The movie only seems to get the main points of the book. (With no offense towards Stanley Kubrick he’s like the god of  directors/ movie makers in my opinion)

Readers get to see what life is like in the future from main character’s Alex’s point of view. He is a teenage boy who not only causes a lot of trouble, but gets in major load of trouble with his friends. He may not seem interesting, but his personallity is definately different than most  book characters.

This book uses strange dialect that might make it difficult to some readers. But, if you are able to read this splendid novel, you will come to appreciate it and how strange it truly is!



Eddie, Lupe, Vall

Eddie, Lupe, Vall

I hate stand up comedy. I just simply don’t think that it’s funny, who knows why. What I really do enjoy is pranking. Pranking can either be on others or on me, but I prefer on other people.

I enjoy laughing, I can honestly say that I love laughing! I like making people laugh, and I love when people make me laugh. But the laughter I enjoy the most is the one that comes from “strangers.” I met Eriberto (Eddie) and Guadalupe (Lupe) recently, although I have been knowing Lupe for some time because I would see her in the hallways, but I would not acknowldge her.Anyways, I didn’t really know who they were, I just knew they were in my Journalism class, which was not really interesting until I sat next to Lupe.

We laughed so hard, her and I. We had so many laughing moments along with Eddie. We joke about anything we found funny. We also tell each other funny stories that we experienced that week or in our childhoods.  We crack up!

This laughter comes randomly. We just laugh unexpectedly, we see something during class time and we naturally laugh and share what we thought was funny or why we laughed.

Some of the funny moments we shared was the one time I pranked Eddie. I called Eddie and “tried” to prank call him.  The prank did not work so well, he recogized my voice and wow was that emarrasing. The following day I told Lupe all about it, how my prank was a fail and the three of us laughed about it. There is various situations we have laughed at;however, I don’t think that they are approaptie to tell. Anyways, Thank you Lupe and Eddie for some great laughs! BTW I don’t think Mr. Dean will ever sit us together again.


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