I have no idea what to write about so random thoughts is what is really going to make up this blog. New Year so a new Blog for the new year of 2015 has to be done. A new year has started and students are now back in school for the final semester of the year. For many it’s their last semester before graduating and going on ahead to making their own choices for others it’s the last semester before moving on ahead to the next grade and getting one step closer to graduating. Regardless of where you are at it’s best to always try your best!

I wish one more extra week would have been added to the winter break, I would have shown appreciation if that were to had happened and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one. One extra week would have been great since more time for leisure would have been added. This semester should be good. New semester so there are new decisions to be made.

I expect there to be many different choices to make just as everyday since there is always decisions to be made.There are many decisions that should be made but I plan to make the best decisions possible that are going to benefit me in the long run and you should too!

Well this was my blog for the beginning of 2015. Have a great Second Semester, enjoy your high school life, and stay in school!

New Year 2015

New Year 2015


Will This Semester Fly By?


Time is ticking! Use it wise!!

Last semester flew by like a snap of a finger! This semester already feels like it will fly by faster than a blink of an eye. We just started the year and it already half of the month! The first week of school is already done and all of us seniors are already worried of what are we going to do after high school. For the most part most of seniors are getting ready to face the hard life of the real world. I for one am ready to enjoy my last semester since I don’twant it to end now. In freshman year I wanted to finish school and face life but now that I realize that I do not want to face real life.

Many of us have complained about school and that we are sick and tired of school, but now we come to realize that it was such an easy life. We don’t have to worry about bills, work, rent, etc. I guess we did not appreciate the time when we had it easy not that we think about it we worry about high school finishing.

Eventually everything comes to an end and high school is one of them. The time will never slow down all we have to do is go with the flow with time. Might seem easy but as we grow older time will just go  faster, I remember it just being winter break and now were in the second semester of school.




Shout Out to My Superhero

unnamedMy High School years  are coming to an end  , I’m not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing   ,  that fact in five to six months  from now I will  be facing the “Real World ”   sound  frightening , knowing  that I  will have to be independent  with more responsibilities and in my case  it would leaving my family but most importantly  I afraid to say goodbye to my mother because ill be  heading  off to college .

Ive always wanted to   leave this community and go to San Diego with my older sisters and study up there.  Its a tragic to know  will be living with three older woman that try to act like if they are my mother just more evil . If  theres one thing that ill miss the most about my mother Cecilia  it would be her cooking  , literally  its the best cooking in the entire world !!!!

When I  was growing up I  didn’t really  believe in Super Hero because there wasn’t  nothing  Super about them  .  When I was getting older I was able to symbols  my mother as my super hero ,  despite the fact that we argue  a lot  and all the headaches  I have given her . I’m glad god has given   her  in my life ,

She’s a hard working woman that always put her daughters first  . Its really hard to say she was their for me physically because she would always work but  no because she love the money but because she always try to  give us what we needed and put food on the table .  Never did she let us see that she was tired of frustrated or even struggle because she always wanted to teach us to be strong in life .

Im not sure were life will take me a few months from now but i know that a great mentor tough me how to deal with life even when life gets difficult . I will forever be debt  with her playing too rolls in my life  and ill be forever thankful with her .


music is vida

music is vida

Isn’t music everyones escape from their problems or really anything. Music for me lets just go out into like another world. I forget about that assignment due the next day or even if I didn’t do the dishes or something. Literally i’ll be stressing over something dumb or whatever but once my earphones are on everything I was stressing over is gone.

Like I said once I put my earphones on I mute out everything around me and go into my own world. I literally ignore everyone else. Then again who really doesn’t right.  Any who music can help you describe how you feel as well. It helps you just describe if you are feeling depressed or if you are in the mood to dance.  ( Me most of the time actually.)

Everyone I have asked said they really like well love music that it is an escape for them as well. They agreed with me that they mute everything and everyone out. I literally do everything while listening to music. When I go to the restroom I have to listen to music. When I shower I have to listen to music as well when I eat I have to listen to it if I don’t I feel like I’m doing it wrong. I know for a fact that I am not the only person that does this. My family is so used to me bumping my music anywhere in the house there used to it already they don’t even complain anymore. I like music as much as I like food well I love both those two.

Animals can be so cute, but dangerous


Me trying to touch a horse’s butt

Ever since I was small I had this love/hate relationship with animals, because one second I like them,but then the other I disliked them. I grew up with a various pets such as birds, dogs, turtle, and a little chick.

My pets were the bitter sweetness of my life because they died off quickly leaving me with a sad smile in my face. My ultimate favorite pet was a small ,fluffy,and yellow chick that I always wanted. I had asked my mom for a chick like million of times and she finally spoiled my wish. I loved the chick very much because it was small and cute, but after a while I got tired of the animal.

My mom noticed my feelings for the chick started to change and I got bugged by it most of my birds had recently died. I was down in the blues because the birds were a gift from my grandma, but the good thing is that I have one more bird left that represents the lovable bond that my grandma and I share.

However, this past summer my family and I went horse riding and one of my goals was to at least touch a horse. I was extremely scared because horses usually tend to trot away and what if that happens to me. Overall all my fears, I did end up riding a horse.



Growing up…

Christopher who lived in the middle of three dangerous gangs in the hood had difficulty adjusting to the environment. He had to watch his back at ALL times because he could’ve got caught “slippin” like Blaze, who got shot in the chest five times, yet still survived. Others may not be lucky as Duke who was penetrated by four deadly shots in the back. Now Christopher saw this with his own eyes often after school and during the night.

In June 2000 Christopher was born in the Abner block. That block is between the Big Hazard gang and El Sereno. Growing up was tough for him because he couldn’t go out to certain parts of the block. He was in a conflict where his family was from Hazard but most of his friends were from Sereno.

In 2006 when his brother went to El Sereno Middle School, he got into a rumble between Sereno and Hazard. The problem was that he was in Sereno side. The whole problem initiated with him getting asked, “Where you from?”

He replied, “I don’t bang!”

The RG guy said, “ Straight lie ese, I’ve seen you with those Cerrote” (Cerrote are Sereno but a way to disrespect them).

The brother replied, “Nah, those are my homies but I’m not from ISB.”

The RG got mad because Christopher’s brother proved him wrong, so the RG shoved him. His brother didn’t like getting pushed so he respond with a punch.

That’s when the disaster started.

R.I.P DUKE.All the RG’s and the ISB and LSB started going at it. ISB and LSB was El Sereno crews and RG was the Hazard crew. The security and the school police couldn’t do anything because IT WAS TOO MUCH TO CONTROL!

In 2010 Chris lost one of his best friends “Duke.” Meccos aka Metro 13 killed him from  FOUR shots in the back because he would always drop them with one punch. The last time Chris saw him was two days before he passed away….. REST IN PARADISE  Leonardo “DUKE” Anaya.

In 2014, not that long ago another of his best friends got shot by Meccos FIVE times in the chest. He survived those 5 bullets and is still proud to represent his crew ISB. Hope you get well BLAZE.

That kid has been through a lot but as Tupac said, “No one knows his struggle.”



It’s Just What We Needed!

It's not winter anymore!

It’s not winter anymore!

Winter break. It is a wonderful time to settle down, and finally relax over stressful finals, have fun, enjoy the holidays, and sleep in a lot! But now that we are back to school it is time to focus and put your mind to your work. Sure it would be cool not to be in school but now it is time to get to work. Winter break has passed and that was all the time to let everything out and have fun! Many people might still be in the wrong mindset (like me) where I want to be back on winter break so badly that I am letting affect me and my school work. That is not cool! My advice for people who are stuck in the same situation as me is to not let this get to you! When ever I think about it a lot, I have to remind myself that school is almost over and that the good times will come again soon! I always imagine myself during the summer having great times like I did during winter break like sleeping in and spending time with my family. Now it is the time for me to focus on my school work and keep trying to get the best grades that I can so I can fully enjoy my summer! I hope that I get to enjoy my summer and so should you! Do not let the past affect you too much so that it does not ruin your future!

Bad Girls Club!

Bad Girls Club season 13

Bad Girls Club season 13

I enjoy watching TV shows,  they are like movies, but they last longer. Some of the TV shows I enjoy watching are F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The 70′s Show, Jane the Virgin, etc. I recently got addicted to this show called Bad Girls Club. I wanted to see what the fuzz was about.

I went to Hulu.com to began the journey with the show Bad Girls Club. Unfortunately there was only a few episodes that were free. But I did not mind. So I began watching season 13 well only the six free last episodes.  I was amazed!

For those who do not know what the show is about here is a quick description: The show gets seven girls all around the world and puts them in a beautiful house. These girls have some type of attributes that can either help them stay in the show or get them kicked out.  For instance, having short temper can cause  big consequences…the last standing girl wins. (I think). It’s basically a show to determine who really is a bad girl out of the whole house. The girls are really bad. They fight. They just do not argue, but they hit each other brutally. If you get sent home you’re done. 

Honestly, I do not really know the point of the show, I just watch it because it is entertaining  However, this are some negative things about the show since it depicts women in a bad way, why don’t they have a show for men called Bad Boys Club… right?




Enjoy this photo of my friends

Enjoy this photo of my friends

Luce and Trevor end up going to the woods, and start making out in the middle of the night. I seriously don’t know why they went to the woods to make out, in the middle of the night, like where are their parents. Reading about that seriously got me mad, because it’s like they are asking to die. Anyways, they do their thing and make out, and Luce notices a shadow, which doesn’t freak her out, but once it gets closer, it grabs Trevor and throws him. The shadows end up breaking his neck, killing Trevor, and then the shadows start a fire. This paralyzes Luce, because the shadows have never done something like that. Luce sees shadows, she has her whole life. No one, but Luce sees them.


Months later, after what seems like years of therapy and people think she’s crazy, she is sent to Sword and Cross. This really depressing place that happens to be a school, but in reality it’s like a huge prison, that has a church. The church has an olympic sized swimming pool inside which sounds pretty awesome, but that’s an awkward place for a pool. Her parents sent her to this school, because it was recommended by some special therapist. Luce meets with Randy, the schools security detail. Randy, seems to be a woman and a man at times, but Randy’s gender isn’t specified throughout the book. Luce ends up noticing a guy, and when she looks at me, she gets this feeling of longing, and as if she is being pulled to him. Apparently he notices it also, and he looks at her then gives her the bird, which makes Luce uneasy. This guys name is Daniel, Daniel Grigori. Yes, the Daniel Grigori, his family is known as a legend of watchers on the people of Earth.



Procrastination, it affects about almost every teen ever. Especially those that are in school. We always wait for the last day, the last night, the last hour to finish those homework assignments that we had so much time for. If a homework is assigned for a week, the student will do it on the last day. If the homework is assigned for one day, the student would do it late at night that same day. Heck, the student might even try to do it the day that it’s due before the class starts.

It’s an ongoing issue that negatively affects us all. If we do this for all our classes, everything would just come crumbling down in the last moments. That causes a whole lot of stress and everybody wants to avoid that. It might even be the cause of the whole senioritis thing that has been going around. Only doing things ahead of time can prevent this type of stress

To be totally honest, I’m procrastinating right now. This blog assignment was assigned to us bout a week ago. And I am barely starting it right now. I’ve had so much time to do it but I’ve waited for the last day to do it. Not even just the last day, I’m doing this like, 10 minutes that it’s actually due. At first, I was panicking that I wouldn’t get this thing done but after a while, it wasn’t too hard. But looking back at it all, I think it came out pretty descent.

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