Eight letters One Word


When someone is in need of a smile, just give them one of yours

Bullying, we’ve heard this word countless of times over the course of our childhood and have been taught at most to never do it, but sadly there are people out there who don’t take the issue serious and pass it along as something they still do. I am aware this is probably not the best place to state this but my whole life ive been a victim of this crime and even recently ive been experiencing some acts of it as well. Its nothing serious and I cope with it to the best of my abilities, I may cry sometimes or even get angry but I know better than to let immature people get the best of me. I a senior and must present myself as a example for others to see. Doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, your only job is to get back up again.
Its my last year, I already have enough trouble worrying about if Im going to make it or not, I don’t need more issues to pile my worries. Think of it as this, after high school chances are you will never see those or that person again, they may make your youth a living nightmare but in the end you should thank them for there cruel acts will make you stronger mentally, you don’t have to be tough physically, all you really need is the will power to not let them bring you down completely. Go ahead ignore them to the maximum, you yourself have more power against them, the power of words. And with this power you can accomplish anything.
It may be painful to let go, to get rid of all that inner rage you have against them, but in the end, nothing good will happen with a heart full of regency, in the end you’ll only be the same as them. Never let a person see your tears, always let people see your smiles. So I ask you this, are you a free minded person? or are you one of them?



I have no idea what to write about for this blog or maybe I do and I’m going to write about time. Have any of you noticed that time is passing by quickly, days are going by, months are passing by in the 34blink of an eye? Well I’m feeling that now I feel as if my senior year is going by to quick.

In about a week it’s already going to be the start of November which is surprising because I still remember my first day of school like if it had just happened yesterday  but its already 3 months into the school year and it’s almost the end of the semester. Time is very fascinating.I don’t think it’s a bad thing because I’m actually already eager to start college but it’s funny because I remember when I was younger many seniors would say, “Watch when you get to your senior year it’s going to go by fast.” Now that I’m a senior I can say that it’s true time is flying.

Hopefully my last year ends up going great currently I feel that this year is starting off good.  Well this is it for my blog, keep updated for my next one soon.


Time is still passing are you ?





Last week, I was in calculus class and I was working on this assignment. We started the lecture of the day and I was just lost. I swear, the whole board was covered up and there was not a single number on there. There were just so many letters all over the place. So I did what  any other person would do. I just put my pen down on the desk and put my head down ignoring everything that the teacher said. I was really annoyed not by the teacher and not because it was too hard, but because I didn’t get it and I just gave up. Then I started thinking about, you know, . . stuff. Maybe it was because I was mad at the moment. I was thinking why we needed to learn math that was useless. Well, not completely useless. I’m sure there is some sort of need for it. But it doesn’t teach us anything that we will all use in our future. Except if you’re planning on studying that when you’re in college. But here’s the thing that annoys me the most. We learn all these functions and what they’re used for. We learn about the pythagorean theorem and how to solve problems with it.  But we DON’T learn about financial support, welfare, or even how to do taxes. I mean yea, it’s not like we’re ever gonna need any of that information. I’ll be perfectly fine knowing how to derive functions and calculating speed and velocity of moving objects. Whenever I’m feeling sad because I didn’t know the best way to pay to college I’ll think “Hey at least I know how to find the hypotenuse of a triangle!!!!!!”

Supernatural Fever

I think I have an illness, it’s not fatal and I won’t die, but it’s the Supernatural Fever.

Supernatural is a show about some serious Supernatural Drama.

I’ll give you a little sneak peak to the beginning of Season 1.

The show starts with a family of 4. Father, mother and a boy name Dean and a baby boy named Sam. That night Dean helps his mother put Baby Sam to sleep, and then the father comes to say goodnight. The mom leaves the room while the father puts Dean to sleep in his own room.  After the parents put the kids to sleep, the mom hears some crazy noise in Baby Sam’s room and gets killed and yeah it’s depressing. The Father ends up looking for the mom, but goes to Sam’s room and see’s him sleeping. But then blood drips from the roof and it spills close to Sam and the dad looks up and sees his dead wife, and he freaks out. (This was like some heavy weird exorcism death stuff that made me jump during lunch when I was watching the episode), the dad obviously freaks out because his wife’s being creepy spilling blood all over a baby’s room which is awkward. Sadly the mom ends up catching on fire and that becomes something else like woah, demon alert. The dad gets weirded out and gets Dean and Dean holds baby Sam and they run out of the house, since the house is on fire then blows up.

That’s how the show starts and Dean and Sam end up being Demon hunters just like there dad, isn’t that just wonderful?

Enjoy this awesome random photo of my friends.


Lana Del Rey is not just a pretty face!

One of the pictures in my room of Elizabeth Grant.

One of the pictures in my room of Elizabeth Grant.

Many people seem to know Lana Del Rey as just a “really pretty woman who sings” but that is not what she should only be known for!

Her music can often bring some listeners a “nostalgic” feel. Here are some cool facts about her that you may not know so that next time, you can know more about her besides her “pretty face”.

Lana Del Rey Origins

For starters, Lana Del Rey’s real name is Elizabeth Grant. She was born in Lake Placid, New York and her father’s name is Robert Grant, and her mother’s name is Pat Grant. She attended a university in New York named “Fordham University”. While she attended the university, she studied a branch of philosophy called metaphysics. She wanted to study it because it helped her “find herself” and that helped her to begin to write music. She then had to deal with her alcohol addiction, which many people do not know about her.

When Grant began to make music, she was not that well known. Her father helped get her music featured on iTunes, and it did not look like it helped her career. Often, people tend to listen to her well known albums, or do not know about her other music. Her unreleased music seems to often be overlooked, even though she has some very good songs that have not been officially released. If you really enjoy her music you should download some of her music that has not been officially released like “Big Bad Wolf” or “Velvet Crowbar”.

Lana Del Rey isn’t just a pretty lady who released “Ultraviolence” but also a very interesting woman who has had a very interesting and mysterious past. And if you’re interested in her music, you should listen to some of her demos or unreleased music!


Metal Arm


Metal arm

In October 4, 2012,Chris, who was the in 7th grade woke up early to go to El Sereno Middle School, which he attended . He was wearing his Raiders jacket with Khaki shorts and with his brand new Adidas shoes.

When he got to school a teacher saw that he was wearing a Raiders jacket. The teacher went up to him and told him ” Take that jacket off, Sir.” He did what he was told. She told him ” You’ll get it back after school.” He replied with an “OK.”

Every day after first period ended he would hang out with his friends Luis, Genaro, Melania, and Emily. Going to Physical Education class late was a routine due to the teacher arriving late all the time.  That day it was a running day, the day we had to run a mile.

After all the students would change to their P.E. clothes, they would sit down in their assign number. After the teacher would take roll, it was running time. Chris and his classmates were complaining about running that day. Chris decided to run with Luis that day, they were fooling around, pushing each other, and hitting  each other. Until one push sent Chris to the cement wall and tripped. Then tragedy happen.

When Chris try to stand up, he felt something wobble. He went to see what was wobbling , he later saw his arm.  He had a broken arm. Some say it looked like a hot wheel ramp, others thought it looked like a S. He was just surprised to see his arm like that, but didn’t feel pain. Luis called his P.E. teacher, Mrs. Cruz. When she saw the arm she said “WHAT THE H… what happen?”  Chris responded “I ‘tripped’ over Luis’ foot.” Then everyone that had PE for second period saw Chris’ arm and started making fun  of him. He didn’t care what they said about him “tripping” but he was scared what might happen to him. He would hear the sirens  getting closer and closer every second.

When the ambulance came they injected a big needle into the broken arm and put him into the ambulance. They rapidly took him to the nearest hospital,  LAC + USC Hospital. After the x-rays were taken the doctors  decided not to have surgery to his arm…

A week later he broke it again, then he had to have metal in his arm.

Food on my Mind 24/7

From the smell of the tacos on the street to the sweet smell from the freshly made conchitas fills up my hunger even though I am not literally eating them. every day, I wake up and the first thing I think about is ” hmmmmm what will I have for breakfast or that is if I have breakfast”. Having a good breakfast in the morning will literally boost up my mood for the rest of the day. For example, if I just have a plain glass of milk with a slice of toast, I mean it is alright as a breakfast, but I prefer something more nutritious and complete. Now I would call a real whole breakfast when my plate contains: fluffy pancakes,eggs, fresh sliced fruit, crispy hash brown, a warm toast, and finally a cup of coffee. The meals after breakfast are not that important because the first meal determines the energy you will have for the rest of the day. Every day that I arrive to school I usually go buy some type of meal as a small breakfast because the food from school is not much of a pleasure for me. School food is not the best, but there are times when their food is appealing enough to eat. As the day goes by, the hunger for breakfast fades and the hunger for lunch starts to arrive. I’m in class taking a quiz while the whole class is quiet, my stomach decides to do a rumble within me, but It only means one thing for me; hunger. In lunch, I usually eat like a sandwich or a wrap because a bag of hot cheetos will not come through with me as a “meal”. As for lunch, I tend to eat more fruits because eating fruits are the desserts that give me energy for the afternoon. Yes it may seem that I talk to much about food, but the best part of the day comes when you arrive home after a long day from school; however, you come home to green enchiladas, a typical Mexican plate, made from your momma. As the spiciness reaches your tongue, the taste of the cream and cheese start to fill in the extra flavors. To top it off, a homemade jamaica with ice just fits the perfect dinner to end a stressful day. From breakfast to dinner, food is the key to boost up your mood and energy for the day. Anyways I would love to continue, but a plate of enchiladas is waiting for me.

Snapchat-20140729032827 (2)

One of my two plates at the Chinese buffet after school.

Iggy Azalea VS Nicki Minaj

Both female rappers Iggy and Nicki MInaj are constantly being compared. Who is better? Who copied who? Whose butt is actually real? I had it up to here! I’m tired of people comparing Iggy and Nicki.

I like both artists. When individuals evaluate Iggy and Nicki they do not balance out their different styles, their different lyrical strategies, their different style of rapping, or even their different struggles.  All that matters to these “fans” is skin color. Iggy is caucasian and Nicki Is African American.  Because the female rap game is mostly powered by African American rappers like Lil’ Kim, Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma, Eve, etc. Fans think that race matters. What happened to having talent?

Who struggled the most, and who deserves to be the best female rapper? Youtube views, Instagram and Twitter followers does not define that. Nor does the album that sold more copies. Take this quote for instance, “If you go platinum, its got nothing to do with luck, it just means that a million people are stupid as f***.”- Immortal Technique.

Iggy Azalea’s struggle is overlooked. Whereas Nicki’s struggle is not we all know that NIcki Minaj was a waitress and struggled to get where she is right now. Only a few know that Iggy was raised in a house of mud bricks. Her song “Work,” is not any other ratchet song you hear on the radio. Work talks about Iggy’s struggle she mentions that she took three jobs in order to buy a plane ticket to  America in order to accomplish her goals.  Some people lack to realize her struggles  because  according to people, the only reason why she is famous was because her song “Fancy” made her who she is not her talent.

Then again both Iggy’s and NIcki’s struggles should not matter. what should matter is that they both overcame their struggles and they’re successful women.

Plus you can not just compare them. Its like comparing Justin Timberlake  and Drake they are not in the same level. The only common thing both artist have is that yes they’re rappers and females. Other than that their styles are distinguished and they should not be compared!

Focus on talent kids.

"Nicki Minaj on Pandora."

“Nicki Minaj on Pandora.”

"Iggy on Pandora."

“Iggy on Pandora.”




A little nap always comes in handy

School can be the definition of stress and the key of success; however, in my case it is the key for stress. School and my education are my first priority, but  it causes me to have internal breakdowns because  of all the homework. Extracurricular activities, maintaining grades at excellence, keeping in touch with friends and family, I ask myself when do I have time for myself to relax for a moment?

In my life, I take at least a nap of an hour every other day because I need time to rest my body due to many activities I do on a regular school day. For example a regular day of my daily schedule starts from waking up and go to school then after school I attend volleyball practice and from there attend the college track program. After the program ends, I go home and take a nap that can go from 30 min through 1 hour. Since I usually  wake up in a drowsy mood,I take a shower to wake up my energy. This daily schedule of mine does not occur every day , but every other day, due to the fact of it being time consuming.

The nap that I take every other day is a way teenagers relieve the stress that school gives them. A nap can be for a short period of time, but the most important for the body is to have a break from all of the distractions and get away from everything for a moment. After the nap, the school life seems more organized and the mind of a student seems to be more relaxed and  focused on their priorities. Even though some people think that taking a nap is eating up your time; however, they do no know that the body does require a break for the daily routine that students have. Being away from the stress can engender a brighter mind because a little nap will always come in handy or just take  break from everything and relax.


A girl taking a break from homework to relax and socialize.

Blogging …


Today is October 9, 2014 and I’m clueless on what I should write about for this blog. This blog is for the Roosevelt Rough Rider Blog. Surprisingly I have never heard about this blog website and I am a student who attends the school goes to show you to always expect the unexpected.

Even though I have never in my life ever written a blog and never imagined myself doing one I am on the road to becoming a Rough Rider who writes blogs for the school how amazing is that and I’m sure it will be an interesting experience since it’s always good to learn new skills because you never know when you will need them. Maybe you might become an author or a blogger who knows anything can happen and anything is possible.  I don’t know anything about blogs at the moment other than that it’s all free thinking and that you can write about anything but I’m sure that I will acquire skills from doing blogs on a regular basis which is what our journalism class will be doing for the rest of the year.

Now that I’m thinking about it this blog actually helped give me an idea on what to write about which is blogging. I look forward to writing more blogs and lookout for Bgamez blogs which is my username (shoutout to myself) they might be the most interesting blogs you will ever read in your life. I also want to shout out my journalism class since we’re always working hard to get the best issue out for the school newspaper and shout out to Mr. Dean a very cool teacher. Next time I hope to have a interesting topic to write about to continue with my blogging.





The staff blog for the Roosevelt High School newspaper in Los Angeles.