A Plan Gone Wrong

The cover of the first Vol. of the manga series: Vampire Knight. My cosplay was the uniform the main protagonist Yuki (the girl in the middle) is wearing.

A while back I had written about attending Anime Expo 2015 this year since it was a late graduation gift to myself, the original plan was to cosplay a Vampire Knight student while I attend the convention, well on the Monday of May 18 at 10:32PM my dream of cosplaying Vampire Knight was ruined.

Over a month ago, I took it upon myself to order the uniform from a online seller, the cosplay was $96 plus shipping and handling would add it to about $105. I thought back then it was a good deal since I had two months to go before the convention, it wasn’t till now that I realized it was a huge mistake.

When I opened the alleged package on the evening of May 18, I was shock with disappointment of how different the product was opposed to how the actual uniform is suppose to be, the material was heavy and the lining looked like ribbon was just glued on the cloth, the silver buttons it was suppose to have turned out to be plastic diamonds. When I tried the uniform it proved to be WAY to small for someone of my size, it looked more like for a child.

People tell me I should of checked the sizing chart but what they don’t know is I did, i chose my size accordingly, but what it didn’t say was they were using a petite sizing chart for the measurement sizing. Over all i was a very disappointed costumer. I decided to give the outfit to my little sister, it fit her but my mother protested against the idea when i told her how it didn’t fit me. She said to return it and get our money back, and doing so now i am going to return it first chance i get.

Good thing i had a plan B in mind, but even that proved a failure as when i went to check the anime hobby shop, (Jungle Store) at Little Tokyo they had the uniform, just not in my size, i was very disappointed.  So the new plan today is to order another uniform off the internet, and be sure to get my exact measurements using a adult chart and hope it would get here in time before July, with such notice every second counts, so hopefully its as they say, maybe the third time would be the charm after all.

Book Review #3

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

The book I have read for the month of April is titled “The War of The Worlds”  by H.G. Wells.The genre of this book is science fiction. The subjects include extraterrestrial life and the topic of invasion. “The War of the Worlds” is a book about an invasion on earth by extraterrestrials. Invasion was a relevant topic during the time this book was published because a world war had just occurred.

The characters all develop throughout the invasion. The characters of this book play an important role in shaping the story. The main conflict that is presented is the war between mankind and the extraterrestrials. This book is written from the narrator’s point of view which is first person point of view.

One of the themes of this book is unknown or foreign people from another planet invading or exploring. another area, for example, extraterrestrials. This is a major and one of most obvious themes because this book tells the story of extraterrestrial life invading a small town. This shows how we are unsure whether extraterrestrial life exists and how we are unprepared to accept new types of life on earth.

This was a great read. I decided to read this book because this author H.G. Wells is a great author that in my opinion writes interesting science fiction books. I believed this was going to be a good read because I have also read a book named ” The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells which was a great book so I assumed it should also be a good book due to the genre and author being very similar. This book really made wonder and realize how the mentality of people has expanded and changed from when this book was published. I would recommend this  book go anyone who enjoys science, extraterrestrial life, and likes reading books with one of the genres being science fiction.



Book Review #2

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

The book I have just finished reading for the month of March is Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.

This is a book that shows the genre of adventure and this book is mainly based off Lemuel Gulliver’s adventures which he ends up on after taking a mistaken route and events that led to the destruction of the boat he was on. These series of events led him to many unknown places with different perspectives on everything this was especially not common to him since the book states he is from England which is very different from what he experiences on his adventures.

The narrator of Gulliver’s Travels is Lemuel Gulliver the main character and the character tells his adventures from his perspective which shows the first person point of view. The central conflict of the story are the adventures themselves and he goes on four different adventures or unexpected visits. From these adventures Gulliver begins to realize and shows from his perspective the flaws of the locations he visited. Some topics that were brought up were politics, religion, human nature, and colonialism which has a strong show in this book since it was written at a time when colonies were present. Many different characters appear in this book but most of them fade away in the background and never appear again.That is one of the ways that the characters change over the course of this book since they do not develop as well as the main character Gulliver. I can describe the rest of the characters as more background characters since new people appear and only briefly in every adventure he goes which were four. I feel that I can relate to Gulliver only because I also enjoy going on adventures.


This book has many themes. Main themes that are most present are the theme’s of traveling, exploration, and discovery. This is a theme that is shown throughout the book since Gulliver travels to four different locations during the entire book. There are many thunderstorms that disrupt his boat trips so he ends up in four different locations which makes him realize the differences from his origin which is England compared to the other locations named Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa, Balnibarbi,Luggnagg,Glubbdubdrib, Japan, and the Country of Houyhnhnms. The tone changes throughout the story

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is the book I have finished reading.


John Wick, the russian boogyman coming for revenge. The ones who hurt his family, are the ones who will pay a heavy price.
John Wick, the russian boogyman coming for revenge. The ones who hurt his family, are the ones who will pay a heavy price.

Two words, John Wick.

You might be asking who’s John Wick? Well, John Wick is the Boogyman according to the Russians.

John Wick is a fictional character portrayed by Keanu Reeves.

 john Wick is lamenting the loss of his adored wife Helen that has as of late expired from a disease. He goes to her burial service and gets the sympathies from his old companion Marcus.

Out of nowhere, John gets an exceptional conveyance at home with the last blessing from his wife, an adorable canine that turns into his pride and happiness.

John goes to the service station in his Mustang 1969 and the Russian Iosef Tarasov approaches the value he needs for his auto. John tells that it is not available to be purchased and returns home. Amid the night, Iosef, who is the child of the capable Russian mobster Viggo, softens up his home with different hoodlums and takes his auto, beat John and murders his pooch.

Before long Iosef discovers that John Wick was the amazing hit man Boogey Man that worked for his dad and he ought to have never upset him. Presently, John Wick has lost all that he had and he needs the head of Iosef and he is back. However, Viggo chooses to secure his child at any expense and will pay the cost. Everyone who tries to get in the way of John Wick ends up dead, injured or wishing they were dead.

Art Contest

This is my entry for the contest, it took my sister about a week and a half. Its quite different from my original drawing and the characters look a bit off, but I still like it regardless!
This is my entry for the contest, it took my sister about a week and a half. Its quite different from my original drawing and the characters look a bit off, but I still like it regardless!

As the days go by so is the timer as senior year is coming to a end, what exactly awaits beyond the cap and gown I am not sure. With recent pressure against reality stress had been building to the point where I for one think I need a break.

Being a otaku has opened my door to creativity in many ways than one, and as a gamer what better way to relax than joining another art contest being hosted by the game you play? So the anniversary of Elsword is coming up and its celebrating 4 years of the NA server being here,  the contest was to design and draw some fan art in which goes with the theme of a celebration.  Since I for one am only a amateur artist I went to seek for help with coloring the drawing. My sister does digital art so she took charge in transferring the drawing from paper to digital. First place was about $100 worth in game money which can be spent however you  please, fortunately more winners are to be chosen for thats good news since now more people are to have a chance in competing, three 2nd place winners can be named as well as ten 3rd place winners. Out of curiosity I checked out the competition and I do believe I may have a good shot at 2nd place but then again anything is possible!

Even if I win or lose the aspect of such a opportunity was a good relief for me, I know winning isn’t always in your favor but you have to admit, winning sure would be a perk! Hopefully I win!


Author Update: I didn’t win :c only the high pro artists won

Alternative Music: May 2015

Thank the creator of Beats Music and their free trials.
Thank the creator of Beats Music and their free trials. Listen to Childish Gambino, his music style would have to be like a narrative.

The following list of songs are the top 7 songs I have been listening to for about two weeks. Some are new and some are older than myself, so enjoy!

1. Everything Is Wrong by Interpol I love listening to this song whenever I have doubts. Yes it is ironic how a song titled “Everything Is Wrong” helps me when I have  doubts, but that’s what I think the song is so beautiful, it’s irony. 2. Lane Boy by twenty one pilots I am not much of a person that listens to rap, but since I enjoy twenty one pilots music, I was shocked that I enjoy this song. This song talks about how the music industry has changed creative artists into part of the main stream music. 3. Can’t Deny My Love by Brandon Flowers Brandon Flowers is my best friends favorite artist, so I feel that I have to listen to the music she likes so we can talk about the songs. However, this song is amazing, and I love his voice and it’s so beautiful. 4. Lampshades On Fire by Modest Mouse The lead singers voice is strong and powerful and it’s perfect. Okay, it’s not perfect, because a song that is perfect or flawless would not be a good song. 5. Dogmeat by Drenge No this song is not about dogs getting harmed, it’s about being so involved with a person that you would do anything. In this case, the singer would do anything, like cut off his tongue and turn it into “dogmeat” and give it to someone, just for her-this song reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe. 6.  About You by San Cisco SAN CISCO IS AN AMAZING BAND, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. THEY ARE SO AMAZING I LOVE THEM. Listen to them seriously. 7.  Dead Inside by Muse Listen, listen, listen x1000000000000000 I hope you enjoyed this, it’s amazing.

Season Two of American Horror Story

Is that creepy enough for you? What do you think it is?
Is that creepy enough for you? What do you think it is?

To me,  season two of American Horror Story was better than the first.  American Horror Story is a great television show over all, but Asylum is my favorite so far. It is fun, yet disgusting.

I felt as thought the plot was better than the first season. I really enjoyed that it was set in an Asylum. I just felt it was more my “cup of tea”. And not just because Adam Levine is in some episodes but it really spooked me sometimes, unlike the first season.

I have nothing against the first season, I really loved it. But, I felt as though asylum touched on some darker subjects that could really creep you out. I have not watched the other seasons (besides the first and the latest season) so I am kind of bias towards this season, a lot.

I really enjoyed the mental patients that were background characters.  It was cool, I like the whole setting. Try watching it during Holloween! I dare you. Maybe you’ll get spooked too. You probably will get spooked. But don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

The whole plot of the second season is just really complex, but not too complex to the point where you would get super confused.

Another fun thing about this season is a song that comes out during the show. It is pretty catchy and fun to listen to.

It was crazy, there are so many plot twists, and creepy characters. Like there are aliens, a woman gets possessed, a creepy scientist guy, and a very smart serial killer. Sound interesting yet? This season might confuse you, but you’ll probably enjoy it like I really did.

And another bonus to this season is that some of the cast from first also plays a big role in Asylum. Maybe your favorite character is in this season. Chances are, they are. I love the feeling of having some of the previous cast come back to play a role in a different season. It is great.

If you really like evil, sinister things, chances are you will like this season. Give it a chance!



New Baby In the House!

So, after waiting for  what seemed forever, my baby brother is finally home! He is currently three weeks old going onto his first month on Sunday, May 10th (which is also Mother’s Day as well!). It’s been a heck of a month by the way! Just Kidding! . . . . well not really…

My mom had left to the hospital to a doctor’s appointment on Thurday morning.  After the appointment, the doctor’s passed her to the maternity section in the hospital. I remember getting a text from my dad that same day telling me and my brother to wait for him afterschool because he was going to pick us up. He also gave us the news about my mom being passed to the maternity section and that we were going to have a new family member really soon.

I was super excited throughout the whole day because the thought of a new baby in the house was amazing; the day felt like it was passing by super slow though. Once afterschool came, I remember seeing my dad with my little sister; my sister was ecstatic. She came running  to me and hugged me and my dad did too. You could see the joy in him just by looking at his face. We went to go eat seafood and after we went home to get clothes, since we were going to stay to sleep with my grandma. My dad then dropped us off and he dashed to the hospital because he didn’t want to leave my mom alone anymore.

So Thursday passed by but the baby still hadn’t arrived. On Friday, though, I had recently come out of the shower and I recieved a picture of my baby brother. I was excited throughout the whole day. We all went to go see him afterschool and spent the whole day with him, even though he was asleep most of the time. He was like the new toy that everyone wanted to play with. :)

Baby Jonathan Mateo. He looks like an angel, doesn't he? (:
Baby Jonathan Mateo. He looks like an angel, doesn’t he? (:


Saying Good-Bye

The time is here when it comes to the point to say good-bye.

It doesn’t mean to who or what you say good-bye too. Just know that     It’s a good-bye. We at some point  have to say good-bye. Saying good-bye to the teachers we once had fun learning, even the ones that you just wanted to punch in the gut because by one point you didn’t get  that passing score. Say good-bye to all the sleepless nights. Say good-bye to all the people that made you just want to pull your hair out. Maybe even that one jerk that made you cry because he/she hurt your feelings.

I guess that’s part of life when we say good-bye.

Even if we do not want things to end we have to sometimes let it go. Sometimes we say good-bye for a good  reason, maybe to loose weight. Bye-bye to all the chips we ate when we saw a soda. Bye-bye to the hamburgers we craved late at night, or the 6 tacos we ate because we couldn’t resist ourselves. And good-bye to the main problem: all the sweets we ate when we are in a bad mood or hurt to comfort ourselves.

Maybe the songs we once listened too, because their were our jams. Bye-bye to the songs we listened to when we were sad or mad. It helped us release our stress and made our day better.

What is the best way to say bye-bye. Or good-bye or may-be Adios.
What is the best way to say bye-bye. Or good-bye or may-be Adios.

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