Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here and all of us are relieved that we finally get out of school already. I’m sure that we all have plans for this Spring Break.

Some of us however, are not having fun throughout the whole Spring Break. I, for example, am doing an internship with Planned Parenthood. That’s taking up most of the days of my break. Other than that, I am going camping this weekend, so that’s gonna be kind of cool.

Okay, here’s what I am really looking forward to over the break.. . . . My promposal.

So I’m taking my future prom date to six flags. what she won’t know is that i’m going to paint the message on myself, under my t-shirt. We’re going to get on a ride that takes a photo (I know where all the cameras are at and when they take the photo). So when the moment comes that the photo is going to be taken, I am going to remove my shirt and show the message to the camera. The neat thing is that she won’t see he message until we get off the ride and we purchase the photos. I think it will be kind of memorable because we’ll have the photo to keep.

I guess that’s the biggest thing that I am looking forward to. Camping will be pretty cool I guess, but i’m just hoping that my promposal goes as planned and the paint won’t smear or anything.

………..she better say yes..

I am sorry that this is being published all late

Anime Expo 2015!

Ticket is all set! Now here comes the hard part, WAITING!

Ticket is all set! Now here comes the hard part, WAITING!

At last every Otaku’s dream is one of the three, create a anime / manga which would be a huge hit, Be a good cosplayer, or going to a anime convention! Well this year I lucked in for I am going to attend anime Expo 2015 which is hosted right here in the LA Convention Center! After the long wait of wanting to go since I was in middle school im finally going to get the chance to attend after years of struggling with coming up with the money at hand to purchase the badge.

I could of gone 2 years ago for I had the money in hand but I decided to give it all to my grandmother who was struggling to pay the bills at the time, my parents say it was a dumb decision since my grandmother had other alternatives but I at the time felt it was the right thing to do.

This school year is my last in the educational system of requirements, and as a senior we are expected to pay for such events such as prom or grad-night, but I for one am not participating in all senior activates other than graduation, and because of that I saved my Father a few hundred bucks, but just cause im not attending such events doesn’t mean  he’s off the hook for senior dues and giving me some spending cash.

I asked him in exchange for not going to senior stuff he would give me at least $200 so I can at least buy a anime expo ticket and a good cosplay outfit, im a fan of many anime series but in particularly I don’t have such a body type or pretty enough face to pull off the look of an actual anime character, so I decided to go with being a Vampire Knight Day Class student since I for one like the uniform of the series, I found it to be a good choice considering how it’ll look like im just a student and not an actual cast member,  but I do say a downfall would be having to wear a skirt and stuff I usually am not a fan of, but oh well got to have some fun at least!

The expo is to be 3 days after I turn 18 isn’t that exciting! its like a late birthday gift to me! I have a few friends who will be attending as well, who knows, maybe we might create a huge group of cosplayers! I have already purchased my ticket and now time to wait on my cosplay to arrive shortly, I cant wait for Anime Expo 2015!

The 5th Wave: Part 1

Chloe and the 5th Wave series

Chloe and the 5th Wave series

The 5th Wave, written by Rick Yancy, is a science fiction novel that takes the genre to a new level. In the novel, aliens invade the earth, bringing death and destruction in five well defined waves. During the first wave, an EMP destroys all electronics on earth. In the second wave, a massive bar is dropped from space that causes total destruction on every coastline in the world. The third wave occurs when a modified Ebola virus wipes out more than seven billion people. Then, in the fourth wave it is discovered that some humans are hosts to the alien forms. The fifth wave is just beginning as teenagers Cassie and Ben make their way separately through a world they no longer understand.

Cassie is alone. She thinks she might be the last human left on Earth. Cassie is a survivor of an alien invasion that has come in four waves. Cassie’s mother died from the Ebola virus in the second wave. During the fourth wave, her father was killed by soldiers. The soldier who killed her father was  Ironically, before the soldiers gunned down her father, she had believed that they would save her family. Cassie now lives alone in the woods. She has a promise she must keep.

Cassie promised her little brother Sammy that she would come for him at the military base where the soldiers took him after their father’s death. However, as Cassie makes her way to the military base, she is shot in the leg by an alien hosts she refers to as Silencers. Cassie becomes sick as the snows begin to fall and nearly dies. Cassie is rescued by a young farm boy, Evan. However, Cassie soon comes to suspect Evan is a Silencer, perhaps even the Silencer who shot her.


Marina and the Diamonds?!

Marina's new album Froot, and Marina's Electra Heart album boxset.

Marina’s new album Froot, and Marina’s Electra Heart album boxset.

At first, when I herd this name I thought “Woah seems like a cool band!” And then, I found out that this is not the name of a band but a singer Marina Diamandis. The majority of her songs are pop and are really can be catchy. Her lyrics range from sad, happy, and fun. I like that they seem to be very relatale to my life and to a lot of events that happened in my life.

She is currently in the process of releasing a new album called “Froot”. I enjoy it, a lot. I feel like I can really relate to it because it deals with being happy and finding happiness. The album still has not been fully released so if you’re looking for new music to listen to, Google her and give her songs a listen.

But before there was Froot, ‘Electra Heart’ was her newest album. It was released in 2010 and it deals a lot with relationships (bad ones) and having having a lot trouble with them. I loved that album very much. I think that I like it more than Froot, but I think that may be just because I have not gotten a chance to hear all the songs off of the album since it is still not entirely out yet. Electra heart is an album that is artistically complex. It seems like it is a simple pop album, but the songs are actually based off of characters that Marina created to  mirror American sterotypes. It’s pretty neat.

Marina’s work is all around really good. I give her a 10/10 as far as pop singers are concerned to me. I never thought I would enjoy her songs and albums but I ended up listening them so much, it’s so funny. My hopes include getting to see her in concert one day. Don’t doubt her music till you give it a listen!

First week on the Job

It’s time for work!

In this blog I’m going to be writing about what I realized after working   for my very first week. After seventeen years I am finally working and I’m glad I am because I want to be a more independent person. It’s a job that is not interfering in any way with my school schedule or free time so I found this great and took it as an advantage. Everything is great about this job but there’s one thing I guess I am a person that likes doing things rather than standing and doing almost nothing  which is the good thing about it and I only work a few hours. I don’t want to state where I am working for some reasons.

Finding a job was pretty easy since I got the job through a program. There was many jobs I could of picked from but I chose a location where the job seems fairly easy well to me at least. I thought finding a “chill job” as in a job that you don’t do much was going to be great but after my first week I think for my future job I am going to look for something that requires me moving around and doing job related things that involve some moving around or at least

It is just the first week so my perspective about this job might change in a few weeks or soon.

I Am “Banksy”

Some of the art Banksy has done.

Some of the art Banksy has done. My personal favorite is the image on the top right corner. What’s your favorite Banksy piece?

Banksy pronounced Bank-si, is a street artist known for his activist work. No one knows who Banksy is, they do not know his real name or his appearance.  Banksy’s art is creative! Banksy’s art is usually created with stencils and spray cans and placed in buildings.

Banksy is an activist, he speaks through his art. For instance in the art piece that says “Keep your coins, I WANT CHANGE” a man which appears to be homeless is not literally asking for money but rather change, socially. Through this art Banksy demonstrates a huge passion for social justice. This art piece symbolizes ignorance. Sometimes people do not pay any attention to homeless people, much yet what they have to say, this connects back with how people lack the truth they are mentally blind. Banksy does a great job in opening people’s eyes mentally.

Exit Through The Gift Shop directed by Banksy is a piece of artwork that truly symbolizes revolution through art. Watching the movie itself was a good production;however, I thought the movie was going to be a more personal note on Banksy, but I was wrong. It is a must see movie! It is on Netflix , so enjoy!

Banksy, a genius of his own creation redefines what street art means in a world of revolution. His art speaks, it has power in which any person can add it own meaning to it. Banksy knows that art is dangerous, it’s an act of rebellion to some that is why it is crucial to understand the importance of art, Banksy uses art to tell people to make art in order to overthrow corruption.

Banksy is truly a bada**! Check him out!







Alt Music

My playlist ya'll

My playlist ya’ll

Almost certain that was the prospect of three band mates sitting in Blythe, CA, whose trailer chose to not get along. Crash Kings individuals Tony, Mike and Tom must be thinking about whether their day was bound to go through the pits of damnation before night fell. They must have heavenly attendants on their side as they by one means or another figured out how to function their approach to Tempe to feature the KWSS TMI Radio Show’s yearly Phochella Festival at The Sail Inn. You’d believe that would be the end of the story. At the same time no, unfortunately, as Antonio Beliveau wired his console it got to be obvious something wasn’t exactly right. Sibling Mike came to aid the smooth at first glance Tony. Covers were lifted. Wires were checked. Also, rechecked. T-short 15 to the show and no sound. Wires were rerun. Rechecked once more. Acoustic music in the outside patio played on. Indeed radio show host Beef Vegan approached help with whatever he could.

Viewing this unfold, my spouse and I commented that if that was our two children up there in front of an audience, one would have decked the other as of now while battling – urgently attempting to think of settling the issue. Reality! Anyway no, the quintessential polished skill of these two siblings was unparalleled. Never did they start to sweat, thought their hearts must be dashing two-forty. In the end, trust was lost for the console which without a doubt had seen an unpleasant day in Blythe. The Technicolors, if my theory is right, must have arrived at the salvage with an obtained board. Low and view, sound was to be had. Alleviation poured off the siblings who were at that point late for their set. Genuinely, the music cherishing swarm at The Sail Inn batted not one eye the whole time. Sitting tight calmly for their adored band, they stood holding up for the first harmony to be struck. What’s more, from that point, it was strong gold.

The Outsiders Book Review

I recommend you read The Outsiders. It is a great book.

I recommend you read The Outsiders. It is a great book.

In this blog I’m going to be writing about a book I have read plenty of times and i still find it a great read. The book I’m taking about is The Outisiders by S.E. Hinton.

In my opinion this book can be read whenever and as many times because this book is interesting, from the plot to the descriptions the author uses very descriptive language which actions how the characters develop and it also has many . The main character of the book is a teenage boy named Ponyboy and the book is about two social groups one is the greasers and the other group is the socs short for socials.

They are in dispute because of the social setting they are in and the differences they have.  I would recommend everyone to read this book because not only is it a very well known book by many students but it has many themes that lead the book on and can maybe teach you something too. One of the many themes is loyalty.

Loyalty is shown throughout the book since there are groups involved which are the greasers and socs and they have to stay loyal to each other in certain situations that requires friends to stick together since they are a group of friends. Trust and loyalty are always important in friendships.  This book also includes the themes of pride and honor since they have to stand up for what they believe in.

I hope you read The Outsiders because it is a very interesting read.

My new obsession (Bates Motel)

My wallpaper because why not?!

My wallpaper because why not?!

I am really starting to dig the show “Bates Motel”. It has currently started it’s third season. It airs on a&e on Mondays at 8:00.

Bates Motel is a drama thriller based off of the movie “Psycho” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is basically based off of the main character in Psycho, Norman Bates’s adolescence and how he grew up to become a serial killer. You also get an insight into his odd relationship with his mother. It is very interesting to watch.

I not only like how each episode is filled with suspense, but it also keeps me wanting more. A lot of shows drag on and get boring after the first two couple of seasons, but not this show. I enjoy the plots and the characters in Bates motel. If you watch just one commercial, you might just be really hooked on it like I currently am. I am convinced that I will not be getting over this show anytime soon.

The main character, Norman Bates is protrayed by Freddie Highmore. You might recognize him from the movie “Charlie In The Chocolate Factory” or maybe you have seen him in “August Rush”. Either way, he might come across to you as looking familar.

And he does a very superb job at playing a young serial killer in the making. Besides the interesting plot, he is the reason why I watch the show because of his amazing, convincing acting.

I strongly suggest this show to people who love thrillers and suspense. You will not be disappointed!

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

The second book of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate has frustrated me since the first pages I read to the last pages. Lucinda’s love for Daniel has been tested once again; however, it seems like it has been tested about 10 times throughout the novel.

The book starts off with Lucinda meeting Francesca, one of Shorelines Nephilim instructors on campus. Nephilim are children who have angel and/or demon blood inside of them. Either if it has been passed down generation to generation, or if they were given powers at birth. This makes Lucinda feel uneasy considering she clearly does not fit in with the Nephilim kids, but she also does not fit in with the Non-Nephilim kids (in Harry Potter terms they are called muggles, but in the “real” world they are called humans.) Lucinda befriends Francesca, who is an angel friend of Daniel’s. Francesca shows Lucinda where she will be staying, and that is where she meets Shelby.

Shelby dislikes Lucinda at first, considering that all the angels, demons and Nephilim’s all know who Lucinda Price is, and how she is Daniel Grigori, a fallen angels true love. However, she warms up to her when she realizes how Lucinda is not like her past lives, and how she is more curious about why she has to love Daniel, and why it is so dangerous. Lucinda questions her love towards Daniel, and this is where she meets Miles. Miles, comes from a far generation of Angel’s, which mean he really doesn’t have powers. However, Miles can use the Announcers as portals, to go from one place to another. Traveling through announcers is quite dangerous, and if you pick the wrong one, you can probably die. In some announcers their are creatures, or demons waiting for someone to pass, just so they can grab the person and kill them, or eat them.


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