Iggy Azalea VS Nicki Minaj

Both female rappers Iggy and Nicki MInaj are constantly being compared. Who is better? Who copied who? Whose butt is actually real? I had it up to here! I’m tired of people comparing Iggy and Nicki.

I like both artists. When individuals evaluate Iggy and Nicki they do not balance out their different styles, their different lyrical strategies, their different style of rapping, or even their different struggles.  All that matters to these “fans” is skin color. Iggy is caucasian and Nicki Is African American.  Because the female rap game is mostly powered by African American rappers like Lil’ Kim, Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma, Eve, etc. Fans think that race matters. What happened to having talent?

Who struggled the most, and who deserves to be the best female rapper? Youtube views, Instagram and Twitter followers does not define that. Nor does the album that sold more copies. Take this quote for instance, “If you go platinum, its got nothing to do with luck, it just means that a million people are stupid as f***.”- Immortal Technique.

Iggy Azalea’s struggle is overlooked. Whereas Nicki’s struggle is not we all know that NIcki Minaj was a waitress and struggled to get where she is right now. Only a few know that Iggy was raised in a house of mud bricks. Her song “Work,” is not any other ratchet song you hear on the radio. Work talks about Iggy’s struggle she mentions that she took three jobs in order to buy a plane ticket to  America in order to accomplish her goals.  Some people lack to realize her struggles  because  according to people, the only reason why she is famous was because her song “Fancy” made her who she is not her talent.

Then again both Iggy’s and NIcki’s struggles should not matter. what should matter is that they both overcame their struggles and they’re successful women.

Plus you can not just compare them. Its like comparing Justin Timberlake  and Drake they are not in the same level. The only common thing both artist have is that yes they’re rappers and females. Other than that their styles are distinguished and they should not be compared!

Focus on talent kids.

"Nicki Minaj on Pandora."

“Nicki Minaj on Pandora.”

"Iggy on Pandora."

“Iggy on Pandora.”




A little nap always comes in handy

School can be the definition of stress and the key of success; however, in my case it is the key for stress. School and my education are my first priority, but  it causes me to have internal breakdowns because  of all the homework. Extracurricular activities, maintaining grades at excellence, keeping in touch with friends and family, I ask myself when do I have time for myself to relax for a moment?

In my life, I take at least a nap of an hour every other day because I need time to rest my body due to many activities I do on a regular school day. For example a regular day of my daily schedule starts from waking up and go to school then after school I attend volleyball practice and from there attend the college track program. After the program ends, I go home and take a nap that can go from 30 min through 1 hour. Since I usually  wake up in a drowsy mood,I take a shower to wake up my energy. This daily schedule of mine does not occur every day , but every other day, due to the fact of it being time consuming.

The nap that I take every other day is a way teenagers relieve the stress that school gives them. A nap can be for a short period of time, but the most important for the body is to have a break from all of the distractions and get away from everything for a moment. After the nap, the school life seems more organized and the mind of a student seems to be more relaxed and  focused on their priorities. Even though some people think that taking a nap is eating up your time; however, they do no know that the body does require a break for the daily routine that students have. Being away from the stress can engender a brighter mind because a little nap will always come in handy or just take  break from everything and relax.


A girl taking a break from homework to relax and socialize.

Blogging …


Today is October 9, 2014 and I’m clueless on what I should write about for this blog. This blog is for the Roosevelt Rough Rider Blog. Surprisingly I have never heard about this blog website and I am a student who attends the school goes to show you to always expect the unexpected.

Even though I have never in my life ever written a blog and never imagined myself doing one I am on the road to becoming a Rough Rider who writes blogs for the school how amazing is that and I’m sure it will be an interesting experience since it’s always good to learn new skills because you never know when you will need them. Maybe you might become an author or a blogger who knows anything can happen and anything is possible.  I don’t know anything about blogs at the moment other than that it’s all free thinking and that you can write about anything but I’m sure that I will acquire skills from doing blogs on a regular basis which is what our journalism class will be doing for the rest of the year.

Now that I’m thinking about it this blog actually helped give me an idea on what to write about which is blogging. I look forward to writing more blogs and lookout for Bgamez blogs which is my username (shoutout to myself) they might be the most interesting blogs you will ever read in your life. I also want to shout out my journalism class since we’re always working hard to get the best issue out for the school newspaper and shout out to Mr. Dean a very cool teacher. Next time I hope to have a interesting topic to write about to continue with my blogging.





scooter down!


The wheel

In October 7, 2014 at 7:11 a kid was riding his scooter as he does daily. Well he pass Whittier and Lorena he heard a certain pop! he just thought that a car pop a tire until he felt his scooter weird so he stop to check if it was something serious… turn out to be the wheel had just broke. he was furious he was cussing and stuff but he notice the time so he jump on his broken scooter and went to school.

At 7:30 he arrive to school and saw his advisory teacher and told “tragedy has happen” and teacher ‘told him “what happen?” and he looked at his scooter and showed the teacher. So during his last class which is journalism he was trying to fix it but he couldn’t so he decide if I die it’s for a good cause! So when he was passing Euclid elementary he felted his scooter going smooth. And he said “OH WHAT THE?” He notice that his broken wheel is about to hit the gray part which is the rim. So he continue to ride his scooter until he get home and told his mom and dad. And all they said “well i guess you have to walk it now”. He was sad about the situation because he has owned that scooter since 2007 so that’s been part of his life for a really long time.

The next day he woke up really late. So he had a choice walk it, ride the broken scooter, or ride his sister’s purple scooter. He decide to ride the broken one to school. He arrive to school right after the bell ring to go to 1st period. He told his advisory teacher if he could leave his scooter in the classroom because he has the same teacher for three period. So in fourth period he explain what happened to his teacher. His teacher understands everything and told it was alright but to be responsible next time and to wake up early.

At 3:07 his journalism teacher let the class go because they pack up early. He got his scooter and rode home. When he got home he got more bad news that got him so mad they he threw the scooter from the second floor. He went to pick it up and found a piece of the wheel broke off again. So now he kinda has a bald rim.

Until I notice I’m the guy that his scooter broke.


Breakfast in Advisory

Do you like having breakfast in advisory?

Breakfast in class (B.I.C) is a good thing because we get to eat and wake up in the morning before class starts. You can use this time wisely and do homework from the night before that you didn’t finish. I personally don’t find this useful because i see many students walk around or even come late to school because they think advisory is not important. Some advisory classes do nothing, all they do is sit around until the bell rings to go to first period.

Many students don’t eat the food they provide because it is not appetizing or because the food they are serving today was served yesterday. If the food was more appetizing than the food they serve i believe more students will show up to advisory and actually eat the food and throw it away. Also if advisory was more interesting many students would should up more instead of walking around or come to class when first period start.

Many students still don’t agree having Breakfast in Class (B.I.C) for many reasons but most common are the ones stated. We should be looking in the bright side of having Breakfast In class other than negative. We should take advantage of this time for anything we need to take care of and not just sit there and look at one another. Do homework instead of giving your teacher a headache on why to fail you. Teachers don’t choose to fail you, you choose to fail.

Doing last nights homework and eating breakfast at the same time.


The Difference…

The Difference Between Movies And Books….

Well At Least To Me.

What I like about reading books and then watching the movie that were made after it, about it, is that I like to see it come to life on the silver screen because honestly who doesnt? but I also like to see the difference between the two.

I have always loved reading books. So watching movies that were made because of the book just sounds awesome right?

You’re wrong.

Well sometimes. The reason is that sometimes the magic that comes from reading a book and the magic IN the book just doesn’t translate on to the big screen.

And that can be a big disappointment. I should know I have experienced that with many movies.

That is not to say that the movies suck or that I didn’t like them. They are fine all on their own. The movies by themselves are okay and I do like them. But compared to the movies…. well there is no true comparison well at least to me anyways.

That is because you have all these great expectations about the characters and all that they go through. You form an attachment to those characters who no longer become just characters to you.

They become something more.

I have always loved the books more than anything. But I still like the movies because even though you picture your own characters in your head, you like to have an actual visual in your mind. Plus the hot actors are not that bad.


Two books which have been made into movies.

Dude stop stressin’ out so much!

Are you at that point in the school year where you feel school is stressing you out?

Put all the work away and relax!

Put all the work away and relax!

Stop stressing out!

Of course school is very important but you also need to remember that life is not all about school! There are many fun things that you can do to keep your mind off of school! Play video games, (not too many) go out with friends and have a fun, maybe read a book! It really does’t matter as long as you’re having fun and have your school priorities taken care of?

What is the point of stressing so much about school? It’s only as bad as you make it out to be. You only make it bad on yourself if you spend too much over thinking school. If it’s bad grades you’re  worried about, then set some time aside to improve them. Make some realistic goals that will not be impossible to reach.

     Reach out to any teachers and don’t be afraid to talk to them about your grades and any issues with the class. Communication is key to your success in a class. The other choice you have is tutoring. Sure, it sounds lame having to stay after school and get help with homework but it’s your grade! Try to do homework instead of being on social media. You have the weekend for that. Skip the television and read that book you have been meaning to read for class. Take initiative!

Remember, have fun in school and life. Don’t let school stress you out to the point to where you dread attending it. That is the last thing you wan to do yourself. Get help, but don’t hesitate to share a fun experience with your friends. Whether it’d be going to the beach, going to the movies, or whatever it is you all like to do!



Well literally everyday I have drill practice. From 4-7 except on bank days its from 3-6. Anyway the point is the practices are a little hectic sometimes but definitely worth my time. I love spending time with my team they are like my second family already. I’ve been in drill since my freshman year. Now that its my junior year I feel very comfortable with my coaches and all the returners.

Each year we have tryouts any one is welcome to come try out. Even if you have been in the team previous years or anything you still have to tryout and meet the requirements. I honestly still get very nervous every time I’m about to try out. I get so relieved after try outs are over because I do not have to stress about that anymore. They tell us who made it that same day. Most of the time all the girls have talent so most of them always make it.

Its always exciting starting a new year. It is exciting because every year is different, you meet new people you get close with them as well. It is an awesome high school experience. Each year as well each returner gets a “little sister”. The new members are called little sisters and returners big sisters because the returners have to teach the new members many things.  At football games the “sisters” usually give something to each other. For example we make each other pillows and give each other water bottles. Its all fun!

Drill at the Venice game :)

Drill at the Venice game :)

The Next Kanye (This is totally fake)

As many of you may have already heard, I, Eddie Palestino, am now giving up on school to launch my new rap career. I have come to the conclusion that school is not the right place for me. I don’t feel like a belong in a place where people learn. I mean, who needs that. It only gets you to college and give you a great successful life with lots of money.

But nah, I ain’t need none of that. That ain’t the life for me. I belong with the best rappers out there. I know many of you ain’t gonna believe me so to prove it to you guys, I got a dope lyric from mah boi Drake to tell you himself. “Eddie? Yea, I know him. Me and him go way back. I ‘member we was having our rap battles in middle school and he would always spit fire on all them foos. They ain’t even had a chance against dis dude”. . . . . .  -Drake.

I have my mind straight. I gotta go back to my old roots and show all these new “rappers” how to actually rap rather than tryna sing and sound bad while doing it. I stick to old school rap. Tupac and Eminem #therealslimpshady are my idols.

I remember the last convo I had with my dude eminem. I member he said “You know Eddie, youre gonna go far once you start rappin’. Your mind is jus so unique, you know?The first time I heard you rap . . . damm. . .it got my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. . “. . . -Slimp Shady.

So there yall have it. Ain’t no way I’m bout to go back to school. I’m heading to the top.


New album coming out soon. Make sure to cop it.

#rapislife  #thenextkanye #me>kanye #chickensandwiches

Endless Nights…

something I've never done and probably won't...

something I’ve never had the chance to do…

Have any of you had those nights when you’re listening to music and suddenly you start thinking? Not about something particularly, but about everything going on or about what has happened  in your short life? Well I have and it sucks.

On those endless nights, I put Pandora on and I let the music flow as well a my thoughts. I start thinking about the actions I’ve taken that have made me the person I am now. I start thinking about the actions that lead to the fail of having a mother-daughter type of bond, of sharing secrets with the person that is supposed to be your best friend when all your “friends” turned their backs on you.  I start thinking about a lot of stuff and reflect upon the consequences.

I then start crying. I cry not because of what I have reflected upon, but because dark thoughts cross my mind. I start imagining what life would be if I ever lost a family member. I start crying because I regret not having a close relationship now and I know that maybe it’ll never get repaired only until the last days of my loved ones. Which of course, I wouldn’t want to have to go through that but I know eventually I will.

Some songs remind me of those beautiful memories created a few years back, but others remind me of how selfish and how much of a  jerk a person can be. Like these lyrics  “Te arrepentiras de dejar este loco que te ama por un un chisme sin sentido me abandonas” [You'll regret leaving this madman who loves you by mindless gossip you leave me] remind me of a selfish person, but these “Hermoso carino que dios me a manadado a ser destinado nomas para miii” [beautiful person that God has created only for me] brings back those lovely memories…



The staff blog for the Roosevelt High School newspaper in Los Angeles.