Books are grrrrr8

This book is fab!

This book is fab!

Books! They’re amazing, they smell good(the ancient ones that have yellow paper), and they can be used as an escape from your daily life. To some people, books can be friends as well.

Movies based on books are cool, but they usually don’t accurately depict the book correctly, or miss some details. Sure it is fun to go to a movie with your friends, but you should read the book first before you go see the movie for it! This is not meant to put movies down, but  to encourage you to take a trip to your local library and explore it. They’re are many local libraries that have great novels.

But some people wonder “What if I can’t find the book I am looking for?” Well, luckily some libraries has great resources that can help you order the book to the library! It is really awesome that you don’t have to go to some far away land (or in this case library) to find that great novel or book you really need for one of your classes.

In many cases, reading books is like stepping into another world. It’s an awesome feeling when you get so hypnotized and enticed by a novel. Then suddenly you’re not worried about your stressful life or any surrounding issues.

Books maybe appreciated by many people, but not enough. Books spread knowledge. They’re quiet friends. Sometimes they teach you very important lessons. Movies cannot surpass books. Books and movies are both amazing but there’s no replacing books.

Want to know what the world would be like if the world did not have books? I suggest you go out and read Fahrenheight451. It’s a superb novel.

Queen of Nasods!?


My entry for the contest, wish me luck!

Is it possible that I, a average gamer could be crowned Ms. Nasod on the MMORPG game Elsword!? Well it is possible as for I have entered the contest in hopes that I will at least make the finals.  Elsword is a manga based free-to-play, 2.5-dimensional side-scrolling action MMORPG developed by a South Korean company, I have been engaged in this game for over a year now and have not really been the type to enter in such game contests, but this particular event they are hosting is a beauty pageant for a certain character, one of which I have, so I thought, why not? Might as well give it a chance. Well what exactly is a Nasod? In the game, it is a semi Extinct Race of Robotic Human Organisms. Or in simple terms, it is a android.

The finalist of the contest will be interviewed live viva Skype during a stream to see if the players are as passionate as they seem.  I’m quite nervous actually for I’m not the type to express myself freely to total strangers.  The deadline for entry is coming up and the competition is high, scrolling through the gallery entries, I suppose I stand a chance but then again I suppose I don’t, the first half is judged based on a screenshot of the character and how it  is dressed and the other based on the interview. The stakes are high and the reward is tempting. All I can really do is sit back and view my competition while thinking of the questions they are going to ask, but then again. Lets not get ahead of ourselves for the finalists haven’t been announced yet, guess the pressure isn’t really a worry until November 20th, when the real competition starts.


Kendrick Lamar


“I,” by Kendrick Lamar is breath taking. Kendrick brings a new twist to this song which is probably why I’m so in love with the song; however, the real award goes to the music video.

The song speaks for its self, but the video adds a whole chapter of amazement.

I bet that you have not heard any other song like “I” from Kendrick Lamar.  Lamar has a variety of great songs. What makes this song so special and breath taking? The answer is simple. Its unique.  All you hear in today’s Hip Hop music is “rappers” rapping about money, drugs, sex, women, etc. In this song; however, Kendrick Lamar mentions his belief in Christianity. His lyrics in the song are powerful, Lamar raps,”Been through a whole lot. Trial, tribulations, but I know God. Satan wanna put me in a bow tie, pray that the holy water don’t go dry.” These type of lyrics and a beat that make the crowd go wild is indeed a motivational and hip-hop song!

Kendrick Lamar did not go wrong with the video, instead of having women naked, the video showed black unity. Kendrick Lamar seemed F R E E  plus it sure did look like he loves himself as he states,”I love myself.” What I liked the most was how Kendrick Lamar did not need any fancy expensive clothing. He wore the same outfit through out the entire video any he still looked handsome. But something was different, and that was his hair. His hair is short and in the video he had dreads which was different compared to his old hairstyle, but surprisingly he still looked like himself. The vibe of both the video and the song is powerful. If you haven’t already, listen and watch the video, you will not regret it.


Every school year..


Reminiscing a bit too much…

Do you ever just hear a song or see a picture and a memory or flashbacks comes to you? Like you can remember exactly where you were what you were doing even how it smelled. I find it crazy how just one little song or picture or really anything can do that.  I hate how that happens to me so much, I mean don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s about good things but sometimes it’s just about things I would wish to forget.

Like I’ll be minding my own business then boom a certain songs or really any type of smell lietrally anything comes and I suddenly get in a bad mood. Maybe I’m just bipolar honestly who knows because not even me.  I guess no one really knows, it’s all a mystery at times..

Like I said though sometimes it’s about good memories. Like it doesn’t necessarily have to be about negative things. For example lets say you see a movie about a dog and it makes you remember the good times you had with your dog. It brings warmth to your heart. Or just about how much fun you have with your family and dog. Makes you wanna go home to play with your dog. Or even get a new dog or something honestly.

I dont know why things have to be like that. Everything is a certain way I’m guesing. Oh well ..

Curly Hair Problems

Do you have curly hair problems too?

Do you have curly hair problems too?

When you have curly hair it’s just a struggle.  You need to buy anti-frizz oil so your hair won’t puffy. In the morning at times you have like 6 pieces of hair that isn’t cooperating with you and it gets frustrating when you have waken up late to go to school. Then in the hall way you hear your mother screaming telling you to hurry up.

Another thing about curly hair is that you can’t cut it a short way because it will sink more than what you thought the lady at the salon cut. Also if you want bangs you have to straighten it everyday so you won’t look like lady gaga when she teases her hair for one of her  music videos.

Then sometimes when having curly hair you can’t really curl your hair because it’s already curly. Girls aren’t you tired of walking out in the morning or at night and as soon as the wind touches your hair it get frizzy and kill your mood from looking pretty. Or when your brushing your hair and you have to use sometimes a brush or may-be a comb so your curls won’t go away.

Curly hair problems. At times we all complain that we want straight hair, and a girl with straight hair wants curly hair. I guess we should be happy with what we have, we can curl or straighten our hair. However, remember the consequences for each type of hair.

I have curly hair and I go through this every day, the only thing is that some say I look older with curly hair rather than when my is straight. Who knows but I have a love and hate relationship with my hair.




Generally speaking do you feel that our system of determining if someone should be criminally liable is fair, or unfair? Is it too “easy” on the accused, or should the courts receive even broader discretion to find a person not responsible for a crime?

I feel that our system of determining if someone is criminally liable is a bit unfair. Reason being is because the evidence does not always make sense, like maybe the person was at the wrong place at the wrong time and because the evidence points to that person they are immediately arrested, and the prosecutor will bring up past wrongdoings of the defendant, that have absolutely nothing to do with the current case, to try and sway the jury into either conviction or saying not guilty about the one on trial.

I really believe that bringing up past activities either good or bad that have nothing to do with the current issue should not be brought up. Mainly because it is used to sway the jury to either side.

Sometimes it seems that the accused is let off too easily. Mostly because there are all these excuses that lawyers always use like “being bipolar” or “have addictions” just to get off scott free for whatever crime they committed when there has not been any prior symptoms of that.

Like it seems that lawyers will find any excuse to get their clients either not guilty or a really small sentence. Which is unfair because if for whatever reason you did the crime then you should do the time.  And evidence from current crime should be used and not on any biases that the jury may make.

The Classic

I’m still getting used to this whole blog writing so I couldn’t really decide what to write about but for the people who actually read this blog I’m going to be writing about the Classic. Last week on November 7th it was the day of the classic for the Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles communities.

For those who may not be familiar or know what the classic is here is a short and simple explanation, The “Classic” is a football game between the two oldest schools of both communities which are Roosevelt and Garfield High School. Yes Roosevelt had a devastating defeat but there is always next year so let’s all work hard to get the win at next year’s classic.

Not only did I attend the classic but I had a very important role which was to pass out the Rough Rider Newspaper. This Rough Rider Newspaper included the writings of my fellow journalism class mates and 2 of my very own also which were the “Importance of the Classic” and a “List of Scary Movies.” We put in a lot of work and effort into this issue so hope everyone enjoyed and had a chance to read the newspaper.

I actually enjoyed passing out the newspaper it was a great opportunity not only to demonstrate to others that the Rough Rider Newspaper is something everyone should be reading everyday but also the skill of passing out newspaper might be needed at a future time because it’s always good to pick up new skills since knowing many things or skills is always needed and might come in handy you may never know when it will but it’s possible that one day it might be necessary or needed.

The Classic!

Why I Wont Be Getting The Iphone 6

Is the iPhone 6 worth the upgrade?

Apple has recently released their new iphone to the public on September 19. This new iphone is called the iPhone 6. When Apple released the phone they had so many issues with the software andwith the phone hardware. IOS 8 was a big fail for apple. The software seem to be rushed because it had so many glitches and many imperfections that so many people was criticizing the work of Apple. The minor glitches were the most annoying ones of them all, they would freeze up the screen, apps would crash and above all it would drain the battery life.

A huge problem there is with the new iPhone 6 is that the iPhone freaking bends! I can completely bend in a curved banana shape. During the first week of release so many people had complaints that when they put their phone on their back pockets the phone would bend. Apple has said they this is not a factory defect that its a problem on how you use it.

Personally I have seen so many youtube videos of people of bend their new Iphone on purpose. Apple had the right to say it was that it wasn’t a factory defect because many fools outtheir were bending their iPhone on purpose.

I believe that apple has lost their creativity. They are starting to make everything so simple. The new OSX Yosemite looks super simple. The software IOS 8 is copying some feature that Android users already had since 2007. Apples ideas left with Steve Jobs when he past away.


Still good as the new iPhone 6!

May Apple rest in peace. 10/5/11



Classic Week


Supporting the Football team for the Classic.

Yup it is that time of the year where the school pumps up the students for the classic football game between Garfield, The East Los Angeles Bulldogs with Roosevelt, The Mighty Rough Riders from Boyle Heights.

In addition to the Classic, there is also Spirit Week where we dress up to the theme of the day. For Monday, we came like if we just woke up from bed and went to school with that same outfit. Of course, everyone was rocking their pj’s whether there were polka dots, stripped, or has a type of cartoon on it. It was overall a very comfy day to just be in your sweats or pj’s.

On the next day it was Where your stripes day just like the character “Where is Waldo?”. Many students did have a stripped shirt and at some point it did look confusing on campus in seeing so many stripes around, but hey the school spirit was boosted up.

With all of these spirit week days, the Roosevelt spirit has increased to the maximum that will also be shown in the Classic this Friday. Even though Garfield has recently won for the last couple of years, we still have more wins overall and Rider, you will forever carry that pride in your heart no matter what. So let’s wish the entire football, cheer squad,drill, band,color guard, and all the staff and students that bring this Classic Event into place, a big good luck and hope for the best.

Feel It All Around

imageThis week has been very tense: In classrooms, hallways or wherever you are reading this post. You know what else is tense? The rivalry between Garfield High and Roosevelt High.

Maybe your a bulldog at heart, or a born Roughrider, or vice versa, High school is competitive, as much as college. Yeah they are both rough, but what isn’t rough in this life? Everything is temporary, or maybe so is the illusion of life being hard. If you are confused, I apologize, i’m not trying to fuzz up your thoughts with my philosophy it just makes you question.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping as much and I don’t know the reason why, I’m just up with extra energy that I don’t really understand why considering I barely sleep. On a daily basis now, I sleep about 4 hours. So if I sleep at 9, I wake up a bit after 1 AM. Honestly, it’s tiring, because I get ready for school around 6 AM.

My day consists of school, and homework and since i’m in Journalism, it takes a punch out of my day. I don’t mind it, I enjoy it. I love being pushed to work harder and show what I’m capable of. And I believe that’s what the Classic is about. The Classic is a football game between Garfield and Roosevelt, and being on the stands watching the game, is such a rush. To be with your friends or family, cheering on a friend on the field or just to feel the rush, you feel it all around the field, you feel it everywhere.


The staff blog for the Roosevelt High School newspaper in Los Angeles.