SO, It has been about two weeks since we have a new member in my family.  I love her to death. I feel like an actual mother in training because she’s just about a month and one week old and she’s been keeping me up at night to feed her and walk her to her litter box.  Yes, she is a kitten. I never expected for her to be so needy, but how can I not provide for her when she is so helpless?


I was shocked when my mother was so excepting of Simbah when I first brought her home. The fact that the kitten couldn’t fend for herself is why she was so compassionate. I’m not going to lie, she was a handful the first few days in my home. I’ve had had her only  for 2 days but I was already potty training her. She learned instantly. A                                        smart little feline, she  is.

Clueless like always.

Clueless like always.



Thankfully with the help of my siblings and mother, Simbah is growing lengthwise and width. That kitten can eat! I have slowly stopped giving her milk but feeding her actual soft foods and she loves it. Reason being, she keeps consuming more for less time as oppose to solid foods which keep her full longer with a smaller amount.

I am hoping for the day where she can go on her own and eat  without having someone show her where her food is, same with the litter box. For being a little over a month, she is learning fast, her size is what holds her back from exploring for herself but that doesn’t stop her from trying. She’s had her occasional falls. I think I would call myself a success once she stops crying. She’s lucky her cuteness overpowers it all.


Where is my crowd?

At a school like Roosevelt, it can be quite difficult to know exactly every single person. Each year, beginning from freshman year, we continuously meet new people in different classes who sometimes soon become friends. Although I have only been here for several months I have found myself continuing to meet new people and make new friends.

During first semester I found myself enjoying my time at the college corner with my small group of friends. Everything seemed great and I always looked forward to coming to school. I was so cheerful walking down the halls trying to smile at as many people as I could. I felt as if I was having the happiest high school year of my life. I was also the new kid here at Roosevelt so many people kept conversations with me all the time!

Suddenly everything just stopped! After a few days of being out sick with the stomach flu I came back to find that many friends whom I trusted had been starting rumors about me. When I heard this I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to cry. I felt as if all this time my happiness was an illusion filled with lies and fake friends.

For several days I wandered around trying to find my place and make new friends but I couldn’t quite find anything except for the fact that I was alone with no friends. With such good timing I began dating someone and became a part of his group of friends. I was enjoying my time with them and honestly felt for the first time that I was welcomed into a group that displayed true friendship.

But of course not everything goes as planned and things did not work out with this guy. What really bummed me out though was the fact that I was going to miss that sense of friendship I had with his group of friends.

Now I am back to square one and I feel as if I don’t really have friends to hang out with during nutrition and lunch anymore. I have been hesitant to go back to my college corner friends because I do not know how I feel about being around them all after quite a while. I have been wandering around trying to hang out with different people and I have even hung out with new people who I had never really spoken to before. Although I am making new friends I still have to stop and ask myself, “Where is my crowd?”


My dear friend Martha and I.

#Saturday School life

You know when you are a freshman and you hear others joke around by saying that, “Nah who would want to stay after school or on a Saturday?”

Well, I never had this mindset growing up. That is most likely because my brother and sister  were both willing to spend their after schools and Saturday in order to finish up their school work. Maybe it is because I do not have permission to go out with my friends, that I do not  feel the need to say no to school on Saturday.

My first Saturday was in my freshman year when my English teacher assigned an end of the year project. That Saturday my group came in and our teacher let us work in the room next to hers while she taught her AP students.  It was strange to hear silence in the next room while we were laughing and sprinkling glitter on different pieces of cloth.

We had all come to a resolve; we were willing to stay after school or during breaks in order to get work done.

And this resolve had pretty much become my  resolve for my remaining three years. I always think that it is interesting to hear people complaining about how  they do not want to stay for an extra hour or want to come in on a Saturday when they do not have any actual plans

Having to come to school during the weekend is sometimes a hassle but can prove to be a completely different environment.


1 is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know. 5 tables is just as bad as 1.

And yes I have done all of these things on Saturday. I have even come on Sundays. It is always a new experience to sit on the R building stairs and look out onto the quad on Saturday and notice that there is a lack of people.

During the School day it is normal to see a lot of people and hear a lot of noise. But after school or on weekends you can really get a feel of the silence that can be heard on camps, it almost looks like a ghost town.

Similarities in all our lives..

All of us students have grown up in a different environment than that of our fellow peers. We have different mentalities and we react differently to situations. But I believe that we all have some things in common that let us connect with each other.

For example let’s say you are going to visit your aunt, before you leave you eat some delicious tacos dorados and you are full. Then you get to your aunt’s house and she offers you food. She tells you to sit down and that she will bring you something to eat it. She insists and you say no and that you already eaten and she keeps insisting and finally you relent and you sit down to eat even though you are full. Now think about your mom and when visitors come over. Doesn’t she also offer them food and even though they have claimed to have already eaten she persuades to sit down and eat again? And so they eat again. When talking with some of my friends I realized that it just something that all our families seem to do.

Another thing I also realized is that be it your parents, your abuela or your aunt they all seem to like recycling. Specifiacally plastic bottles. They say its because they like recycling but the truth is that they get money out of it. I am not complaining because it’s a great motivator to helping the environment but they should be more honest with themselves. Right?

Hopefully your aunts make delicious food.

Hopefully your aunt makes delicious food.


Swag vs Class

Swag…what is it? I looked up swag on the internet and I found out swag  actually means an ornamental flower or money. If used for a verb, then it is arranging fabric. So, I started to wonder, how did swag become an adjective to describe someone that is not a florist? Whenever I hear someone being called swag, that person is usually wearing a sideways cap, baggy pants, and overly large shirts. Now, I do not know whether this is actual swag, I’m just going with what I observed.

To be quite honest, from what I observed, I do not like swag. It is weird how people wear clothing nowadays.  Personally, if I were to complement someone on their clothing, then that person would have to be wearing a suit or a blazer at least. I prefer class over swag. When someone finds the definition of swag, they will find the adjective version of it is as very stylish. So, class is stylish while swag is supposedly a word for baggy clothing.

For me, it just seems natural. If you want to impress someone, then you should be wearing something classy. If you want to be casual, then go ahead and wear swag it up. But, I just do not understand why people who dress in swag get so much approval.

It has been a while since I have heard anyone say the word swag. Did it die, or did it just move on and become something else? Whatever the case may be, I still prefer a suit when I’m trying to impress someone, and I prefer my baggy pants when I am just hanging out with my friends. But, I still like class over swag. It got to the point where I start say , “Stay classy” to all of my friends. So, to all of you out their, stay classy.

Short Story: Taking Care of Her

The loud pounding at the door caused Alexander to jerk awake, somehow managing not to fall off the couch or jostle the sleeping toddle off his chest. When the pounding continued he moved the sleeping toddler from his chest to the couch then he hurried from the living room and to the front door. Yanking the door open he was ready to lay into whoever could have potentially woken the little girl who he’d spent the better part of four hours trying to get said little girl to take a nap. But when he saw the entire pack standing on his porch.

“What the…”

“Did you forget we agreed tonight was movie night here?” Emma flipped her hair back as she spoke and Alexander could have kicked himself for forgetting. They’d agreed to meet at his place tonight because his father was pulling a night shift. Of course he’d completely forgotten about that when he’d agreed to babysit.

“He totally forgot,” William said as they all barged into the house, Elliot giving him a sympathetic look as he passed, and Alexander silently counted to fifteen, twice, so that by the time Gavin stepped by him he didn’t completely feel like punching one of them in the face.

Closing the door he turned and hurried after them. When Jack was a tad too loud then he felt comfortable with, he managed to get around the group and stop in the doorway of the living room. “Alright,” he said firmly, yet softly, so that he didn’t wake up the toddler on the couch. “Firstly, keep your voices down.”

“What?” Elliot looked confused. “Why?”

Alexander opened his mouth, ready to explain, when a sleepy voice sounded from behind him.

“Unca Alex?”


Sleepy Little Girl.

What We Love Eating!!!!_CHECKED

photo (16)

Things that are bad for you are always the things that we enjoy to eat. For example, chips, soda, juice, fast food, or ice cream all of those are bad for us but who cares right we love it no matter what we are going to eat it. The best thing is that most of those things that I mentioned are the things we are normally the cheapest to buy and what most of the high school students and other kids of different ages eat when they come out of school or during school.  The best thing is that no one can tell you something about eating it  the only person that can is yourself or other people who care for you. So before you eat those chips with cheese and a soda think about how it is going to affect you and why it is that you are going to wish that you didn’t eat those chips  or dink that nice cold soda.  Is not in a bad way to think about all those good things we love to eat but no your limit about the junk food that you eat also how often you buy it. No matter what


The New “Wassup” is not a “Hello”

“Hey what’s up [female dog]!” That is one of the phrases that I am forced to hear on an everyday basis all around me.

It really gets on my nerves. Most of the time I cannot differentiate between people arguing  or friends conversing.

But why are people okay with using cuss words on a regular basis?

Sometimes I wonder if those who decide to use cuss words on a regular basis even recognize what they are saying or the definition of the word or phrases they say aloud. What is up with the tolerance that everyone has built about it being okay to be cussed at?

And the worst part is that it has become normalized. People recognize that cussing is bad but they choose to cuss.

Cussing “is cool” is the message that you convey when you cuss. Of course you would not cuss, curse or use bad words in front of important adults, but why use such words in the company of others. You would not cuss in front of a four year old would you?

Why just the other day when I was in my local discount store I overheard a 3 year old cussing at his mother for more than a minute. Imagine the scene: a two and a half foot tall mini human buffeting his mother with countless curses. It was alarming.


Yeah, that nice conversation where you ask your friend, “how are you?” is always easy to tell apart.

I would have never dared to even  think of doing that to my mother.  It just seems as if individuals who curse are becoming younger and younger.

So the next time you are greeted with, “What is up [female dog],”  do not allow your friends to greet you in such a manner.  You as a human should be properly greeted as a human should with a “hello.”

Respect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

"A sign in Boyle Heights"

“A sign in Boyle Heights”


Have you ever seen a mural so beautiful you just couldn’t resist  taking a selfie with it? It is a great feeling to see a mural that gives you insights on the world. However, the next time you go see that mural it has been covered in tagging. For instance, it has a gang tagged on it or the name these taggers go by.

When I see this type of disrespect on a mural it angers me, but it  makes me laugh as well.  Let me explain why I find this humorous. Taggers/ gang members get  mad when their enemies cross out their tagging right? That’s how “gang beef (fights)” start because that shows a sign of disrespect or as a sign of “dissing them.”  Well, when taggers tag up not only a mural, but a store, house, walls, sidewalks, freeways etc., it insults none other than the taggers themselves.

Attention taggers, you’re disrespecting yourself by tagging your name on the sidewalk people step on your tagging they spit on them, and even pee on them without  you even noticing. You (taggers) bring the problems to yourself! And this is the biggest disrespect of all your tagging gets covered up in paint by some random person, yet it is not their fault it is yours for tagging.

This is the reason why taggers are sometimes funny with their tagging since they are “dissing” themselves by putting tagging in wrong places.

So, taggers if you want respect learn how to respect yourself first!


I’m still Me

During the process....

During the process….

Well, my birthday was this Wednesday, the 19th and I’ve got to say it, it was the MOST painful birthday I’ve ever had. For my birthday, I dyed my hair red. Yeah I said RED. From half brown (my roots were growing) and half black to half bright red and half dark red (because my roots held the dye more than my tips).  Let me tell you, dying your hair itches and stings A LOT.

Yeah it was a big change. As I was walking around school the next day, everyone was staring at me. Now I’m even called Ariel, Lava Girl, and Katniss the Girl on Fire. I’m still questioning the last one. It’s like come on! Haven’t you watched the movie. Jennifer Lawrence has BROWN hair not RED but for some reason they say that with black hair I showed some resemblance to her and with red hair the resemblance increases.

My Big Bear that I had to carry around.

My Big Bear that I had to carry around.

I am not a person who likes to attract a lot of attention and unfortunately that’s all I got the 20th of March, the following day. Bright red hair already attracts attention and adding a Big Bear with  bright colored balloons with Happy Birthday written on it does not help at all.  Random people were either telling me or yelling Happy Birthday! to me.

Let me tell you why I decided to dye my hair red. I have many reasons. I  was tired of my double hair color and I wanted to try something new. I learned that I have neutral skin and my skin would look good with any color but I am more on the warm side so if I wanted to dye my hair red, it had to be auburn or any color of red that has purple pigments (yeah I did a lot of research).

My red hair :)

My red hair :)

I remember the moment the lady from the hair salon showed me my hair. I was SHOCKED. I did not know someone could change so much by the color of their hair.  I did not really like it when I first saw it because I thought it was too bright and I wanted a more conservative shade of red and not a color that screamed: Look at Me! Now after a few days of wearing this hair color, I am happy with it and I am hoping  to keep this hair color for a half a year or more and then dye it a caramel hair color. Anyway the reason of this blog post is to express that I am still me. Although my hair is red, I have not changed :).

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